Butt Wrestling Manga Keijo Gets Anime Adaptation, Nobody Is Surprised.

118According to this years eleventh issue of the Shogakukan Weekly Shonen Sunday magazine, the butt–wrestling–tittie–bumping–aquatic–super–serious–and–impactful–ladies–sports–manga is getting an anime adaptation set for, well, set for some time in the future. Studio and additional information has yet to be announced, though I wouldn´t put it past Madhouse if they decided to play this game, or JC Staff since they´re pretty much setting new trends with every passing season.

The story of this brilliant manga that might give you a reason not to kill yourself yet is as simple and camp as you´d expect it to be; it takes place in an alternate Japan where alongside horse racing, people can now also gamble on who´s ass is harder, also known as, Keijo, a sport where the contestants stand on a platform and must use their chest or ass to knock the other person off of the platform. I´m sure this would be illegal in more than a few countries.

Nozomi Kaminashi, with notorious flexibility and balance, dreams of joining the team after she graduates to raise money for her poor family; this way she enters a boarding school specialized in the sport, and naturally the Japanese government approves of this. Or something.

Frankly this could be pretty iconic as long as it stays ridiculous and does the titty bouncing and ass smashing in a comedic way rather than a sexy one; though judging by the random manga panels I´ve seen that try to give their best Dragon Ball Z homage with every move they do, I think it´ll probably go that route. Maybe Shokugeki no Souma with less men and more boobs but just as many motivational speeches. Do you guys see this work in real life? Those balls hurt, damn.


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Butt Wrestling Manga Keijo Gets Anime Adaptation, Nobody Is Surprised., 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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