Black Butler Season 3: Hella CONFIRMED!

kuroshitsuji-2892381I anticipated a second SAO season, I could even say I expected a FateNight remake, but, man, did this piece of news come out of a complete and utter left field.

Colour me surprised as I read the title and quickly checked the date while trying not to get my hopes up and told myself it was just a mean glitch of some sort.

Date confirmed and glasses put on I realized it wasn’t a joke and a Season 3 of the franchise is a reality.

I could scream, but I won’t.

Instead I’ll ask myself, what more could Kuroshitsuji offer us after a 24 episode 1st season, an arguable 12 episode 2nd season (which left the story pretty closed, if you ask me), a bunch of (awesome) OVAs, a theater tour and an upcoming live action movie?

Well, a faithful manga-adaptation, maybe.

I guarantee that if you disliked the first andor second season, and they do actually follow the manga, I guarantee that you will fall in love with it just like I did.

The manga is exactly what a good fantasy story should be; Interesting, a little haunting and characters you won’t easily forget.

Though it’s more likely than not that A1 decides to pull the same stunt they did in 2010 and give us another anime-original season which would be a little more than dissapointing, but nothing too fatal, I think.

Any case and anyhow, I’m all set for a nostalgia trip and, of course, all set for Sebastian and his devilish charms. I think.



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