BL Manga Seven Days Gets Movie Adaptation.

largeFinally a more well-known and less rape-y yaoi manga is getting adapted – except it´s not in our beloved 2D form, but in flesh n´ blood live action, counting not one, but two movies.

The first movie, titled “Seven Days: Monday – Thursday” will premiere June 6th, while “Seven Days: Friday – Sunday” will play in Japanese cinemas on the 4th of July.

Seven Days, illustrated by the creator of Ten Count (Rihito Takarai) tells the story of Touji, a boy who always dumps whoever he´s going out with after 7 days – just like that, the happy-go-lucky Yuzuru asks him out, and Touji accepts.

To be real, I would´ve loved this to be animated as much as the next yaoi-hungry fan. Still, I feel like the manga Seven Days and its sensuality, aswell as its incredibly slow pace despite being only one volume long makes me think an actual movie will do it more justice that a mediocre anime studio wanting to make a quick buck; At least the actors are pretty to look at so hey, whenever the low quality subs are out on Youtube, I´m in.


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BL Manga Seven Days Gets Movie Adaptation., 5.0 out of 5 based on 2 ratings
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