BL Anime Super Lovers To Be Produced By DEEN, Everyone Sighs.


After much anticipation and hype of getting a full lenght BL anime that´s not adapted by a Shungiku Nakamura manga, it has been confirmed that studio DEEN will be producing the show – Moreover, Fairy Tail director Shinji Ishihara will be directing the series and Hakkenden´s Yoshiku Nakamura will be on the composition.

Honestly, I´m a bit (read: very.) salty that DEEN is doing it – I don´t hate them nearly as much as apparently everyone else in the entire anime community, I mean, I don´t want to crucify them just yet because I can appreciate them actually doing stuff that would normally not get the time of day, even if Junjou Romantica has been beaten to death, and trust me, I side-eye that show as much as the next person. But I can definitely recognize their stuff aren´t exactly creative masterpieces or big on variety in shows, plus their animation is pretty shit and, well, they tend to butcher everything their dirty hands touch. Maybe they aren´t all that after all.

Regardless of any of that and as much as most of us would´ve liked J.C Stuff to pull a Love Stage! 2.0 on us, at the very least we´re getting something slightly different – I say slightly because even though Super Lovers isn´t Shunguki Nakamura, it could sure pass as one; personally, I don´t like it at all. The clichés are too in your face, the ridiculous near-rape scenes make me nervous and all in all, it just won´t change anyones minds on the genre as a whole, unlike something like Dokyusei, which is still set to air sometime soon, by the way.

With this, all Kadokawa BL titles will have gotten an adaptation, I´m curious to see who´s gonna fund these shows now.


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BL Anime Super Lovers To Be Produced By DEEN, Everyone Sighs., 5.0 out of 5 based on 3 ratings
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  1. I dunno… I don’t see JC Staff as any better than Deen. JC’s mediocre, but people give them a pass because they’re on-model more often, even if their storyboarding and framing are pretty awful. When Deen is adapting source material that deserves some actual effort, they tend to make it seem better than it is. JC Staff’s adaptations always feel watered-down and stretched thin somehow. Tough to compare the two, really.

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