Big Bang – We Like 2 Party Thoughts: Some Kind Of One Direction.

“We Like 2 Party” is the fourth track on the MADE album, and right after RnB, trap and explosive EDM with a Kpop tint we have a song that just makes you want to sit on a beach with a bottle of whisky and talk about life on a summer evening – We Like 2 Party is strangely nostalgic, the most pop song Big Bang has ever produced and, more importantly, crazy adorable.

Personally, We Like 2 Party reminds me a lot of all the hit One Direction songs – which is not necessarily bad, I know y´all hate One Direction with passion, and neither am I their biggest fan (honestly I´m quite indifferent) but this is not One Direction, it´s Big Bang, so even with the generic anthem beach hit electronica background, Big Bang sings it with as much passion and enjoyment as all the other MADE bangers, “We Like 2 Party” gives us a look at the clumsy side of Big Bang, opposed to the massive productions of their other songs  – again, I think this is cute, albeit a bit generic and just reminds me even more of One Direction, because we all know that seeing cute boys doing cute things tugs a heartstring or two.

This song is cute, and depending on your music taste it will have more or less replay-value, personally, I´ll defintely play this on the lazy after moments of a beach party. For now, Bang Bang Bang and Bae Bae still hold the cup as my favourite MADE songs.


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Big Bang - We Like 2 Party Thoughts: Some Kind Of One Direction., 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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