Attack on Titan Team Reveals New Anime Trailer, Promises A Lot Of Shouting.

And by shouting, I mean a lot, a lot of shouting.

Kanbaneri of the Iron Fortress, or Kotetsu no Kabaneri if you want to be a hardass about it, is set to premiere a special episode in Japanese theaters on the 18th of March, while the series will debut sometime in April – produced by the Attack on Titan team at WIT Studios, Tetsuro Araki (Guilty Crown, Death Note) will direct the series, Code Geass writer Ichiro Okouchi is on the scripts, Haruhiko Mikimoto (Macross 7) is back on character designs and Hiroyuki Sawano will, of course, compose the music.

The plot is literally Attack on Titan but with zombies instead of giantawkward-looking naked people; the “steam punk survival action” story takes place on the island Hinomoto where humans hide themselves in fortresses called stations against the threat of zombie-like beings known as “Kabane”, only armored locomotives go between stations – the protagonist is some dude with glasses who developed a new weapon and everyone laughs at him, or something, go read the ANN article if you actually care, you can probably guess the rest of the cast, story and ending by now though.

Now, I laughed real hard when I saw the trailer, because “holy shit, is this not Attack on Titan” was all I could think about watching it- look at it, guys, fucking look at it. Giant people? check. Cool gadgets? check. A kid screaming a lot? check. Sawano music that makes the most mundane situation look epic? check. More shouting? check – I´m pretty damn sure that scene of all the giant naked people walking towards the camera is exactly the same as that scene in Attack on Titan.

I´m not dissing this show – shit it´ll probably own its season or crash and burn, probably the former – but I just thought it was funny how they´re “copying” the Attack on Titan formula of mass success so shamelessly; in this age of anime I guess it´s the smart thing to do, though, and teenagers screaming + Sawano music seems to always go down well.

Another thing to note here is that the second season of Attack on Titan is also scheduled to air in 2016, and while I sincerely doubt this is gonna reach a fraction of the AoT hype, much less in the West, WIT really doesn´t give a shit and judging by the trailer, the bank must´ve been left dry.

All I´m asking for is more of an Attack on Titan hype fest of action and angst, and less of a Guilty Crown hype fest of…whatever people saw in that show,  but that´s just me, and judging by Girl-With-Unnatural-Hair-Colour-#35 somewhere in the trailer, I feel it´ll probably be more of a  Guilty Crown with a giant zombie people twist. Aight, I´ll take out the bait and wait for people to harass me for having shit taste, I´ll be waiting.

All we need is a big ass wall and a a pair of basement keys, right?


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Attack on Titan Team Reveals New Anime Trailer, Promises A Lot Of Shouting., 5.0 out of 5 based on 2 ratings
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  1. You forgot to add that the main character has the same voice actor as Eren in Attack on Titan… lol

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