Attack On Titan Gets Hollywood Film?

shingeki-no-kiojin-anime-live-action-posterAnd  just like that the infamous fanmade poster might just become a reality as Sony Picture USA has registered domain names related to “Attack On The Titan” surely it´d be pure coincidence if this isn´t related to anime sweetheart Shingeki No Kyojin, right?

Of course, nothing official has been announced yet, and even if Sony holds the rights, they could potentially pull an Akira or a Ghost in the Shell on us and keep it under locks for years and years, but then again, the unbelievable popularity of Attack On Titan is something incomparable, and, from a business standpoint, the sooner the better.

But all of this is still in specualtion, and although it isn´t really surprising, even now the fans are in a frenzy on wheter or not it´ll be good or bad.

Personally, I get the worries for philosophical shows a lá Akira and GITS – two shows with themes that can´t be copied, and much less in the hands of tits n´ explosion lovin´ Hollywood, I have zero doubts that it´ll water down both shows down to mindless, generic entertainment, but Attack On Titan is different, because Attack On Titan can be compared to your average dooms day hollywood flick, comparable to The Edge Of Tommorow, with an anime flavour. So, for once, I´m optimistic, much more optimistic in comparison to the Japanese film, which won´t reach the knees of your average hollywood action flick, right?


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