, The Fall Anime Season & Other Stuff Nobody Asked For.

UntitledYou all know I like to do these kind of things once in a while, although it usually just results in me talking to myself, it’s alright like that.

So first of all, almost every other anime blog ever has one of these, so I figure I’ll jump on the train. I used to think that it’s pointless and I still do, but it’d be interesting to debate about things with other people so yeah, ask me anything. Anything. Maybe I’ll answer honestly.

As for the status of the blog, well, we’re nearing the 1 year anniversary, which is beyond amazing, It’ll be many more here after. As for the Fall anime season, I have a few things planned.

First of all, I want to change the layout or atleast the banner of the blog, secondly, I want to do actual episodic posts. I tried it this season with Akame Ga Kill, and while it was actually considerably well-received, I lost the motivation to make notes during and episode when I’m trying to enjoy myself. Still, I’ll find a way.

The school year is also -unfortunately- starting soon, and I’ll also be busy swimming, so I’m not sure about how active the blog might be. I won’t go on a hiatus, for sure, and hopefully it’ll be like last year (when I started the blog) where I could write whatever without time-constraints. Still, we’ll see.



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