‘AnoHana’ Team To Produce Anime Movie.


You’ve read it right, A1-Pictures will produce an anime movie that’s ‘similar to AnoHana.’

It’s also helmed by Tatsuyuki Nagai, written by Mari Okada and the characters are designed by Masayoshi Tanaka. The same people who have worked on AnoHana.

This has been announced at the AnoHana Summer Festival and later also on the official AnoHana Twitter.  Further details have not been given.

Personally I am not excited at all. I think Mari Okada is a cheap writer and it’s no secret she loves manipulative melodrama. Nagi No Asukara, Toradora and AnoHana itself prove this. Then again, she’s not always offensively bad either, I liked Zetsuen No Tempest and Sakurasou, for example.

It really depends what kind of story you’re giving her, I guess, and if it really is similar to Anohana and they aren’t just using that name to get attention, I’m not very hopeful because I didn’t like Anohana at all.

Whatever I guess, if you cried over this show, get hype.


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'AnoHana' Team To Produce Anime Movie., 4.3 out of 5 based on 6 ratings
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