Aniplex Launches Anime Production and Writing Group.

anime production and writing group

And there’s no such thing as a minimum age to join.

If you think you’re the next Hideaki Anno (do this extremely accurate and medical self diagnosed depression test on The Internet™ to find out) and would like to exchange ideas with other fantastic, like-minded individuals like yourself, Aniplex might have just made your wet 2D dream come true.

Unless you’re a weeb who owns more than three dakimakuras. In that case you get denied entry.

This is either fantastic or terrible, but it will most likely just be a lot of nothing. Writer rooms are nothing new in the West, if anything it’s the status quo of how things are done when it comes to cartoons. Sometimes it brings okay shows, most of the times it brings more of everything we’ve already had.

This is more of a chance for the writers themselves to see how the industry works and less for the ‘future’ of anime – reminiscent of the annual Anime Mirai project – I mean, we get our Death Billiards and Death Parades by consequence, but it’s not exactly a norm for these shows to actually get a shot.

I’ll try not to be so pessimistic though, brilliant minds will show up and the best case scenario is that someone will take a chance on their ideas, in an even better scenario, there will be people who know how to balance fresh concepts and make it successful. Either way, it’s a challenge and I’m not sure if Tomohiko ‘swimming-in-money-after-sword-art-online’ Ito is the right man to school anyone in writing.

Meanwhile, I’ll twiddle my thumbs till someone creates the next Nana.


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Aniplex Launches Anime Production and Writing Group., 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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