Anime Winter Season 2014 “Best Girl Awards.”

Noragami - 03 - Large 05So we’re six weeks into the Winter anime season; And apart from my complaints over the dissapointment-of-the-year Hoozuki No Reitetsu and my praises for this season’s darkhorse Inari, Konkon, Koi Iroha; The winter has given us plenty of potential 2D waifus to warm up our hearts on these cold evenings. Unless you live in Australia and South America, I guess. But whatever.

And even as a male-interested female I can safely say I’ve fallen head over heels inlove with a select few characters we’re seeing week after week.

And so, without further ado, I present to you a very serious list consisting of 2D girls. Cheers.

1. Iki Hyori from Noragami

v4Hyori is fabulous, and this is a fact.

Strong willed, sometimes scared, sometimes brave, sometimes stupid, sometimes responsible, sometimes sad, sometimes happy; Hyori is real, and I’m loving it.

Not to mention, her fanservice is done in a way so I classy; I can’t help but doubt my own sexuality a little.

2) Takao from D-Frag!

v3 See here  the character that inspired me to write this list.

As stereotypical and exagerated as her character is; Takao would traditionally be a character that could potentially ruin a show for me. Especially in a over the top comedy like D-frag.

Damn you Takao, what is your secret and why do I love you?

Also. Boobs.

3) Chitoge Kirisaki from Nisekoi

v6Did anybody say tsundere?

I’m not exactly a fan of her personality; But I think it goes without saying that Kirisaki is the heart of this show.

And besides, who can still hate her after showing her hardworking dere side?

You go, Kirisaki.

4) Kosaki Onodera from Nisekoi

v5 Oh I’m sorry; Did I just say that Chitoge is the heart of Nisekoi?

Haha, sorry for that. My bad.

Clearly, everybody loves Onodera and clearly I wan’t to protect her from all the bad in this world everytime she’s on screen. Also. That hair.

5) Kiryuuin Satsuki from Kill la Kill

v2Satsuki is so important and I can safely say that I would be 60% less interested in this show if it weren’t for her.

I mean, damnn; Aside from her badassery and those eyebrows, am I the only dying to see her dere side we will probably never ever see? I mean, even  her calling Ryoko “Onee-chan” would be enough.

Oh, did I say spoiler?

6) Ichika Mizuhara from Onee-chan ga Kita!


Onee-chan ga Kita is a guilty pleasure of mine and, boy, have I fallen in love with it’s awesome MC Ichika.

Aside from all the incestuous feels but not really; Ichika is weird, cute and awesome all in a single body.

If you aren’t watching this 5 minute short already; I encourage you to do so immediately.

7) Alex from Kuroko No Basket 2nd Season

alexOh man. Dat Engrish.

Aside from the fact that it’s always awesome to see a 2D girl that doesn’t have Japanese petite body proportions; Alex is the Hange of Kuroko no Basket in terms of not giving a fuck.

She makes out with both Taiga and Riko, while simuntaneously claming she only kisses “little kids and women.”

Oh Alex, you can kiss me anytime of the day.

8. Yume Hasegawa from Pupa




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