Anime Winter Season 2014 “Best Boy Awards.”

8Earlier today I wrote up a list consisting of the top 2D girls of the season; Be it for their looks or personality.

And as is appropiate, I shouldn’t boldly leave the guys out of the game, and thus this list was born.

I can safely say that Free! destroyed all my priorities when it comes to boys; both in my daily life and in my anime. But whatever, there’s no harm in trying, right?

And so I suggest you get yourself a box of tissues for potential nosebleeding and a pen and paper to write down these anime in case you haven’t checked them out yet.

1. Hidenori Gotou from Samurai Flamenco

1“Men look best in uniform.” Someone once said. And boy, I couldn’t agree more.

Be it him in a police uniform or be it him looking concerned for his crazy andor delusional friend; Gotou grabbed my heart and refused to let go ever since episode 1 of this borderline ridiculous and nutty show.

And besides; He’s a clueless idiot so that’s always good. Good for you.

2. Hazama Masayoshi from Samurai Flamenco

2 I wasn’t joking when I said that men look best in uniform, but I guess superhero uniforms go a little overboard…right?

Oh Masayoshi, and you’re a model too. Sigh.

Despite his saddening uniform shenanigans, Masayoshi has the optimism, ambition and will to work too many people lack in this day and age; We love you Masayoshi, even if you’re a little bit of a dipshit sometimes.

3. Aikurou Mikisugi from Kill la Kill

3I think the SamuNeco cast has said all the things that needed to be said about men in uniforms; So let’s turn around a few degrees and speak of men with lack of uniforms. And lack of clothes in general for that matter.

That’s right, while Kill la Kill has no problems whatsoever with shoving tits and ass and skimpy outfits in our face, but it’s also the show that provided us with the members of “Nudist Beach.”

I say Nudist Beach; but really though, the only members that matter are the ones seen above, and clearly Aikurou is the one who deserves to be on this list for more reasons than we have time for. Oh come on, you know what I mean.

4. Keiji Kazama from D-Frag!


While more than 80% of the D-frag! cast belong to the female gender, I think Keiji is the saving grace of this show, preventing it from becoming a fanservice comedy fest.

I mean, D-frag! is my favourite show of the season and all but I can safely say that Keiji’s voice acting and screams are very important for that conclusion.

One way or another, there’s nothing better than seeing self-proclaimed bad boys get their pride shoved in the gutter and beyond. I love ya’, Keiji, I really do.

5. Yato from Noragami

5Speaking of bad boys; Here we have ourselves a blue eyed bishonen who may or may not be Gintama’s Gintoki’s long lost younger brother.

I’m a sucker for blue eyes so this was a given; I mean, he’s nothing more but a good for nothing wannabe God with a sweet tooth, right?

Ah damn, I’m just kidding; Yato is awesome and Noragami is awesome. Kudos.

6. Kise Ryouta from Kuroko No(pe) Basket

6 I guess this is cheating but I don’t really care; This blog needs more Kise and this is a fact.

So far, this list doesn’t lack diversity; We have superheroes, police men, gods, gangsters, nudists and now we have basketball players.

┬áKise has everything I want in a person; bubbly personality, ambition, looks and a piercing. Oh Kise, you steal my heart everytime you’re on screen. But I guess that doesn’t say much seeing that you never actually do appear on screen. Sigh.

7. Murasaki from Hamatora the Animation

7And thus I conclude this list with Murasaki; the dorkiest, coolest and manliest megane the world has ever seen… and by the world I mean me.

For some God forsaken reason Murasaki isn’t very liked; But all I know is that he is perfect with every letter of the word. Think Rei Ryugazaki meets Taiga.

And that’s that for this list, I hope you got some sort of enjoyement out of this and all that. Have a lovely dayevening! :)


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