Anime, Twitter And Raw Milk.

the_internet_has_left_me_in_despairAs I sit here typing on a dirty, noisy and yet fantastic 10 year old keyboard while unintentionally drinking coffee that may or may not have raw milk in it (And I might die because of it) I’ve realized that over the course of the past four-or-so months I’ve been succesfully bullshitting about anime, I have never really properly introduced myself…

… And now is still not the time to do so, I can tell you my name though, which is Selena. Nice to meet you, sorta.

There’s nothing that lifts up my mood more than a good swim in the ocean (There’s another fact, I live right next to the ocean and I’m ridiculously tan for someone who spends so much time inside watching some-Chinese-cartoon) or a conversation or discussion with any of you guys about it. It’s fun.

What I’m getting at here is Twitter, yeah, how uncool am I?

If you want to follow me and listen (or more like see) me ramble about this one manga I’m reading or that one show that fucked up, well, this is where I do it and yeah.

My ramblings know no limit, and taking advantage of the fact it’s Sunday, I’ll write some more articles and proceed to play some LoL and fail at it.

Cheers and have a nice eveningdaymorning :)


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