Anime Spring Season 2014 “Best Boy Awards.”


Inbetween the dozens over dozens of boob-centric shows that have come out in the Spring season, finding a male (let alone multiple of them) that doesn’t boil down to them being the only penis in a group full of haremettes or tsunderes in distress has been a challenging experience. Somehow though, I’ve done it. Cheers:

1. Loki Laevatein from Kamigami No Asobi.


I’m not exactly sure what it is about two-dimensional playful bastards that I like so much, but whatever it is, I hope they never stop. Apart from his questionable relationship with the other norse God that makes him that much more attractive, red hair and painted nails are always a plus.

2. Tobio Kageyama from Haikyuu!


The best men are the ones that look arrogant, but aren’t.” Or this is what my mother tells me, and to some extent, this applies to Kageyama. I think he’s misunderstood and I want to hug him if it weren’t for the god damn fish eyes these characters have.

3. Hase Yuuki from Isshuukan Friends.


Alright, arrogance, pretty boys and fisheyes aren’t everything, so let’s give Yuuki some sort of spotlight. In comparison to every other anime boy ever, Yuuki is strangely endearing and cute. Out of all the boys on this list, he is the one I’d most likely be friends with.

4. Kano Shuuya from Mekaku City Actors.


What if the Izaya from Durarara!! was originally a vocaloid and had eye-powers? Apart from potential world-domination, this would happen. Kano Shuuya, or Izaya 2.0. They’re great.

5. Kei Tsukishima from Haikyuu!


Yes, his nickname “Tsookie” sounds identical to TV-personality “Snookie“, but for one reason or another, this makes his character even better. And he’s a megane, so there.

6. Shiba Tatsuya from Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei.


It doesn’t help that he look almost exactly like Haruka Nanase from Free!, except with magic and his own personal harem. Yes, he is a classic Gary Stu, but also the best Gary Stu I’ve seen in a while.

7. Balder from Kamigami No Asobi.

48This would be for real up until episode 7. Now I just want to see him go yandere.

8. Sora from No Game No Life!


He’s like Kirito but good.


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