Anime Beats Family Guy, South Park & Adventure Time In ‘MTV Fandom Of The Year’ Awards.

1It’s exactly as it says: Naruto beat Adventure Time, Free! beat Family Guy, Blood Lad beat Archer and Attack On Titan beat South Park, It’s an all-out battle of the anime now, I guess: You can vote here.

Some thoughts:

– This is the ‘Fandom Of The Year’ award, I’m pretty shocked that Naruto beat Adventure Time.

– I think MTV just needed another show to continue this American cartoon vs Japanese cartoon thing so they just scrolled around on the web and said “Yes, this one.” for Blood Lad.

-Speaking of which, what the heck is Archer?

-If Blood Lad wins I will laugh so, so hard.

– You can see the winner on MTV on July 27, surprisingly.

– Free! vs Attack On Titan, huh? Some people just want to watch the world burn.

– Whichever Anime wins in the Animation category, they’ll have to go against big shots like How I Met Your Mother, Supernatural, The Fault In Our Stars and The Hunger Games just to name a few so, um.

– Whatever man I voted for Free! anyway.


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