An (Un)Surprising Spring 2015 Ranking.


With the school year coming to a close and people all around the world swearing they´ll work out these next few weeks for the flawless beach body, the Spring season ends with a bang and some fireworks – so with a summer full of fanservice and new-school comebacks on the way, I´ll do what I always do and rank the Spring anime based on my own opinion and enjoyment, obviously.

Holy Trinity:

1.Ore Monogatari


Normally I don´t include two cour shows, but shit, this list would just feel wrong if I didn´t include Ore Monogatari, which is definitely my favourite anime of the season – it keeps on delivering, and while it might get kind of stale sometimes, my shoujo loving heart just can´t get enough of it. I hate angst in romance unless it´s done right, so if you aren´t a master in the dramatic craft you better scrap the idea all together, thankfully, Ore Monogatari has zero intentions on touching that realm with a light stick, and knows what it does best, which is make our heart beat a little faster and get severe cavities after every damn episode.

2.Owari no Seraph


Alright, I didn´t expect to like this as much as I did, in fact, I didn´t expect to like this at all; I thought it´d be melodramatic and cliché and annoying, and to be real, it is dramatic, and it is cliché, but I can´t help but love every single second of it.

Owari no Seraph might not be special, but I´d be damned if it isn´t crazy enjoyable for me, I know a lot of you disagree with this, but hey, this show has got me involved in the characters relationships and it´s one of the three shows on this list that I would follow religiously week after week no matter how many exams I had. May the second cour hype and the YuuxMika ship begin.

3.Hibike Euphonium!


Everytime Kyoani produces anything, expect that show to be in my top five. Hibike Euphonium is a gift, a dirty mix of Free! and band music, coming-of-age drama with characters that play the villains – the main duo of Hibike Euphoniumare easily my favourite characters of the whole entire season, and it´s not just because of the (un)intentionally gay scenes, but because they aren´t the typical goody-goody moeblobs most slice of life anime grace us with.

Highlights Of The Season:

4.Yamada-kun And The Seven Witches


One might say that after watching (and loving) the drama and reading (and loving) the manga, I might be biased about the anime. But I don´t think I am, because apart from being three completely different experiences, the Yamada-kun anime brought misft joy to my heart and made my head hurt with all the kisses. I also just really like dumb comedy where the MC just shouts all the time, it´s my own personal streak of immaturity, but damn it, this show is great.

5. Shokugeki no Souma


I feel like this season opened the doors to the shonen world for me – because trust me, I had no intention to actually watch this, much less look forward to it week after week, in fact, I just watched the first episode because it was first anime to air in the Spring season, and after two of my favourite youtubers (AmazingPhil and Danisnotonfire) talked about it, I found myself giving it a fair chance and actually enjoying it. It´s dumb but fun and gets you pumped over bassilicum and steak, basically, try new things, people.

6.Kuroko no Basket 3


This season marks 75 episodes of the entire Kuroko no Basket series, with a third season quite obviously (But not yet confirmed) on the way, I´m dissapointed to say that I didn´t feel the magic as much as I did with its prior seasons, but hey, it was good regardless, and I trust the finale to be spectacular. Maybe the overwhelming stress I was feeling during this season didn´t blend well with the the bombardment of energy and ambition this show offers.

7. Assassination Clasroom


Going back to the trying new things thing, Ansatsu Kyoshitsu, or Assassination Classroom, is in the same boat as the afromentioned Shokugeki no Souma, by that I mean they´re both long shonen adaptations with a twist- I enjoy this show to bits, and will continue to do so with its second season in 2016. Funny thing is, everyone now keeps suggesting I watch Danganronpa because of this, but I really kind of hate that show. Again, misfits and outcasts just pull my emotional hearstrings in the best way possible.

Deserves A Mention:

8. Punchline!


MAPPA – The fact that this is Mappa is the only reason I kept up with it till the bitter end, I marathoned the last few episodes, and hey, it was a lot more enjoyable that watching it week after week, and also a lot less confusing, but I still think I don´t get it, maybe I´m just dumb, maybe this show just didn´t grab me in that kind of way, but it was alright, nothing memorable, not the next FLCL and for me, the worst MAPPA has done, but fuck, that might aswell be a compliment.

9.  Uta no Prince Sama Love Revolution/ Is It Wrong To Pick Up Girls In A Dungeon?


I was in a bit of a hussle with these two shows, then I decided I enjoyed them as much as and in the same way as one another. Utapri 3 goes back the terrible season 1 antics I didn´t like while ocassionaly doing it right (a.k.a doing it like the second season did) meanwhile DanMachi was fun from time to time, but I found myself skipping through the episode more and more as the show progressed – they were fun in at their peaks, but bad everywhere else.

10. Plastic Memories


Talk about being a cocktease, Plastic Memories, you grabbed all of our hearts with the first episode and then juggled with the rest of our bodies by its strings, all while we cry, plead to please let us go from this misery. Plastic Memories, much like its main character, is a bit autistic and it has not fucking clue on what it is or what it wants to do. Is it a generic rom-com? an unfunny slice of life? a failed drama? whatever it is, I personally really didn´t like it. But the first episode man, the first episode!

Hall Of Shame:

11. Ameiro Cocoa


I think Ameiro Cocoa is that anime that accidentally got lost somwhere in the studio by lazy interns way back in 2006 and got found a week before the spring season began, so they decided to release it just because. Only a smutty threesome ending could´ve saved this but that didn´t happen, so eh.


All of these shows are put on hold:

Arslan Senki

Unlimited Blade Works

Kekkai Sensen

Nagato Yuki-chan

Nisekoi Season 2



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