Akame Ga Kill! Episode 4 – What A Badass.


If you think this image looks stupid, brace yourself for the actual episode.

So our self proclaimed villains go on the mission of finding the asshole in the screenshot above, why do they do this you ask? Definitely not because they’re badass bad guys or something, but because the afromentioned angry loser of the picture above enjoys the activity of cutting heads off of innocent people and naturally our animu Power Rangers I mean antiheros won’t stand for that. Yawn yawn something about Akame’s tragic past whatever. Let’s get on with it:

-So we start this episode off with some trashy third-rate ‘villain’ killing some woman, but not before giving us the edgy spectacle of watching the woman beg for her life and claiming she’ll do anything’ if he lets her live. Hm.

– Hey, I actually agree with Mr.Badass here, why would you walk around at night in a place like that?


– I’m laughing because the first 10 second of the opening makes it seem like this is a super serious badass version of the Power Rangers, I can only assume that this is what this show is trying to be, but, uh, yeah.


-Oh Aniki, don’t make it gay.

-This is a very dark and edgy show, guys, so get some of that Akame-In-An-Apron, hell yeah. Cue idiot anime comedy.

– Alright, boss lady is telling us about the weapons, yeah! World building!.

– I have concluded that these are stupidest fuckin’ weapons I have seen in a good while.

– Sit down Matoi Ryouko, isn’t having scissors as a weapon a bit uncomfortable?

– Twin-tail tsundere takes the crown for the most annoying twat of the season, well, apart from shonen MC 101.

‘I feel like in a completely different kind of danger right now.‘ Says MC. Haha! Comedy gold!

– And so our heroes (Oh no! They’re villains, right?) embark on the adventure. Naturally MC has to take a piss and our angry three-eyed loser has his three eyes conveniently set on him, so he turns into Sayu or Sayo or whatever to fool him.

– This is where I feel conflicted. Twin-tailed tsundere is the most generic, unlikeable bitch of the entire show but Shonen 101 is justĀ  a complete and utter dunce.

-‘Tee hee, Sayu turned into an old man!’ Oh anime.

– Cue to shonen speech, shonen powers, shonen stillframes and some blood to keep you interested. I’m sure that there is someone somewhere that thinks this is dark and cool.

– Right, so Akame comes flying in (in a scene that actually looks cool for once) and fights the dude, note that she’s basically getting stabbed and Shonen 101 just stays in the background, commenting on the events because the audience is just that dumb.

– Homeboy Slasher turns into ‘the most important person’ Akame has or whatever. Yawn.

– Don’t worry though, after a few seconds of suspense our BA Akame does the eye thing all BA characters must master before they’re allowed in the show:


– You know from the very beginning that she was gonna be alright, I mean, the show has her name in the title and it’s Akame Ga Kill after all, but just in case you had some worries it’s around here where you should have known better.

– Blah blah, some nonsense about murder and voices or some shit, I don’t care.

-Villain is dead and I feel like I’ve just seen Satelight collectively jack off to the pile of money they’re getting out of this shit.

Final Verdict: This show is trash, but the enjoyable kind of trash, so all is good with the world.


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