Ajin -Demi Human Gets Anime Adaptation, Plus A Whole Lot Of CGI.

After announcing the trilogy film, which is still in the works, the Ajin website has confirmed that an anime series is in production, with that, they released the official trailer, which in case you didn´t notice, is in CGI.

It was to be expected, I guess, since Polygon Pictures also worked on the CGI hit Knights of Sidonia some time ago, personally I´m in fucking love with the fact that they upgraded their animation so quickly and so well resulting in what we see here above, because my automatic reaction to anything CGI is that of disgust, but the more I got in the trailer, the more I liked it, it´s basically like God Eater, minus the godly editing, plus more 3D.

The television series is set for January and, just like Knighs of Sidonia, will air on Netflix internationallly three days after its Japanese broadcast. The staff is exactly the same as the film.

Personally, as I´ve said, I´m liking whatever Polygon Pictures is doing I´m a total pain in the ass when it comes to CGI in my dear animu, and it´s not because I think it takes away from its identity (though let´s be real, it kind of does) it´s mostly because I just think it looks like shit in comparison to the average we get. With that said, I genuinely think the Ajin trailer is a few steps above Knighs of Sidonia, it evolved pretty damn quickly, and if this is how it´s going to take shape, I´m all for it, besides, I´ve been meaning to read the Ajin manga.


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Ajin -Demi Human Gets Anime Adaptation, Plus A Whole Lot Of CGI., 5.0 out of 5 based on 3 ratings
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