Absolute Duo Episode 1 Thoughts: Just Another Harem Anime.

Oh gee, how many times have we seen this exact same scene before?


Before a surpisingly well-animated and genuninely cool looking opening, we are treated to the most generic supernatural harem prologue ever followed by a free class of how to write walking talking stereotypes and maybe a weapon here and there.

First, we meet the potential haremettes one by one, first up is the mysterious albino loli from the opening, then some well-endowed stranger who´s boobs jiggle more than is normal and then… the president? anyway, it´s some pretentious gothic lolita who thinks that students fighting eachother is natural.

After that, they fight, some unimportant characters appear and it´s time for well endowed stranger #1 to fight our protagonist, hey haven´t I seen you in last season´s harem anime? which one? all of them of course. Naturally, our protagonist wins and they all strike a pose before transitioning to the classroom, our super serious sexy homeroom teacher talks with an annoying high pitched voice and wears an appropiate bunny suit for no good reason, unless, gasp! she has a shocking past revolving around bunnies! maybe.

Anyways, the loli sits next to our protagonist and at this point I´m holding myself back to not skip to the end of the episode. Loli and protagonist spend some quality time together in their bedroom, mainly teaching loli how to throw a punch, at this point I rolled my eyes for about the fourth time in 15 minutes because for once, I expected a harem anime where the protagonist isn´t wiser, stronger or in any way superior to his haremettes, alas, I was wrong, and even when he´s the shield, he knows better than our OP loli, because that´s just the way these shows are made season after season, it´s almost like a computer wrote this, because most (if not all) harem anime are so devoid of human emotions, it just makes you wonder.

Anyway, loli faints and protagonist puts her to bed. Yawn. I have seen enough of Absolute Duo. If you like harem anime, you´ll like this, because it´s always the same shit anyway.


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