A Very Predictable List Of Anime That Need A Reboot Right Here And Now

1If I asked you to give me five anime titles that need a reboot, what answer would you give me? Be it outdated animation, unfinished story, an adaptation that doesn’t do it’s manga justice, or just the selfish fact of you wanting more of said series.

Of course, I myself have thought of the success Dirty Pair will find if it gets re-made, or how epic Bleach could have been if they cut down the episode mark. So with that presentation out of the way, I present to you the top five anime that I think deserve the Brotherhood treatment!

k033.jpg v=11365323582      1) Pupa

Oh my actual God, DEEN and every other studio of Japan, how could you have missed this glorious opportunity?

It hasn’t even been three weeks since the underwhelming adaptation has begun and I’m already demanding a legit 24 minute – 12 episode remake that doesn’t feel like a very bad and unprofessional American sitcom.

Oh but Selena, the manga is too gory to air on national television!

Oh c’mon, have you seen the adaptation? I think it’s on Higurashi level censor-wise and it’s just fine like that.

Regardless of that, I am 97% sure that Pupa could have succedeed if it didn’t get treated as a side project; Pupa has a surprising story that, even if it is pretty ridiculous, still deserves a fair chance.

2)Pandora Hearts

pandora-hearts-575832  One obvious reason of why Pandora Hearts needs a reboot is the animation; It looks soooo outdated; it’s a turn-off all on it’s own.

So have you heard of Pandora Hearts? It’s a fun show with fun characters, good music and an underwhelming story; Making it seem like fujoshi bait. Which I guess it could be, except that it’s not.

The entire anime is complete bullocks if you read even a single chapter of the manga; Which presents to us an interesting universe with a twisted and grimm story.

We need to have a kickstarter for this, ’cause I know it’s a fact that I’m not the only one wanting to see revamped Gilbert in glorious 1080p


3) Loveless

01Oh Loveless…

… What a creepy, weird and borderline-paedophilic anime you are indeed.

Unlike the anime adaptation whose dated animation actually works for it (Giving it an even creepier feel), I don’t think I’ll find a manga reader who will disagree with me when I say that the anime does not give off a good impression of the manga.

On the contrary of the anime, the manga is beautiful, calm, and an experience all of it’s own; Maybe cause Ritsuka isn’t as much of a dipshit as he is in the anime, but whatever.

Sure it’s a non-explicit shonen-ai (and even shoujo-ai) with incest and a relationship focusing on a 12 year old boy and 34 year old man (Or something) that won’t find success in the ocean of moeshit airing every season; The manga is a fantastic read that doesn’t feel ike it’s touching on those subjects at all; What I’m getting at is that you should read Loveless. Yeah.

4) KuroshitsujiBlack Butler

kuroshitsuji-52861 I will never, ever ever ever forgive A1-pictures for not animating the glorious Circus Arc and everything else that makes Kuroshitsuji one of my favourite manga of all time (Except that it hasn’t dethroned Nana from it’s crown -and no manga ever will dethrone it I’m positive-)

Still God bless and hallelujah! My prayers and the ones of every other manga readers may have been heard!

What with it’s upcoming third season, rumor has it that A1 is adapting this from scratch, and boy, will it slay if it does.

It’s badass, it’s daring, it’s grimm, it’s beautiful… It’s…It’s everything I want it to be!

The anime dumbed down every character and decided to take the wheel thereafter, giving us an enjoyable anime…unless you’ve read the manga. And we’re not even going to talk about season 2 which, even though I liked it, goes against everything the manga created.


And finally I talk about Naruto… oh my man Naruto, how awesome you could have been…

…If it weren’t for the pointless filler episodes that easily make up for half of the entire show.

I mean, damn, surely all the key events that stick with the manga could have been done in a 100 episodes or less?

Granted I haven’t watched Naruto after episode 150 or so, -I really couldn’t see myself watch the same fights over and over again – even if I was genuinely interested in it’s story and characters and some of the fight scenes.

Regardless of that, Naruto has spun out of control and I demand a faithful remake with no fillers… and I genuinely believe that from here to 2020, we are actually getting it.

…So that’s that for my list of shows that need a reboot like, right now. Thank you for reading and have a lovely dayevening :)


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