A (Un)Surprising Winter 2015 Ranking.



So this season was bad. No. Actually. It was alright at the beginning, and ended with pathetic fireworks that no one came to watch. Be it Aldnoah, be it Parasyte, be it Tokyo Ghoul, chances are you´re dissapointed with at least one of these shows, joined by five pounds of new releases that inspire nothing. See here my incredibly pessimistic seasonal ranking, in which I complain a lot. Sass a lot and spend half the post ranting about the wonderful catastrophe that was Shonen 101. I mean Tokyo Ghoul.

The Holy Trinity:

1.Death Parade


Solid. Interesting. Challenging. High production values. Different. Hands down and without a doubt the single best anime of the season, aswell as an obvious candidate to be in the top 10 of the year, really, this and the next show were the saviors of a season otherwise filled with trash.

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2. Shirobako


Said everything I had to say in my review, at first, I enjoyed Shirobako for what it was, but gradually became so much more, I love it, and I can say that this is the first P.A Works anime that I´d actually want to watch again, charming and humoristically realistic. Pray4Zuka.

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Highlights Of The Season:

3. Garo


Alright, alright, I may not have actually finished the anime yet – mainly because I wanted to marathon it – but I´m almost 100% sure that this stayed great anyways, besides, I didn´t really want to make this list without including Garo, a show that gets little to no attention and is doomed to become the next generation Mushishi for hipsters. I like it. A lot. Review coming up after I finish it.

4. Saekano


I´ll give it to ya A1, in my season preview I wrecked this show to pieces, thinking it´d be just like every other melodramatic harem ever and soak itself in stereotypes. Saekano, or How To Raise A Boring Girlfriend, is however a borderline parody that´s also balls of fun, despite its decline somewhere in the middle of the series, but picks right back up in the final two episodes. I liked this show a lot, and if a season 2 would grace the screen I´d be happy to watch it.

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5. Parasyte


Again, I have had my say in my review, but to sum things up, Parasyte started out with a symbolic bang and slowly started to drift into the dark shonen ocean, a.k.a: Humanity sucks and we´re all hypocrites. Unlike Death Parade, Parasyte doesn´t really see much more than death (ironically) and mysery. It´s not a terrible show, though, and the first half is definitely worth it, I´m just a bit salty that this was supposed to be in the Holy Trinity until I began skipping through the episodes out of sheer boredom.

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Worth A Mention:

6. Binan Koukou


Did exactly what I expected it to do: Sometimes funny, sometimes gay, mostly boring and always repetitive. They could have made this the second coming of Daily Lives Of Highschool Boys, but they didn´t. I never liked repetitive shows unless you´re Sailor Moon, so that and the stereotypical cast really didn´t do it for me. Regardless, there were some episodes which I enjoyed a lot, even if I always ended up skipping the final part of every episode.

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7. Akatsuki no Yona


I´m not sure what to make of this, because it doesn´t really end. This is basically the Pokemon of the reverse harem genre where Yona and Pikachu (a.k.a the blue dude) waltz around the world to gather their pretty boy pokemon team to fight the final boss…except we never get the final stage. Apart from being ridiculously sexist at times, it wasn´t so bad its offensive, and again, some episodes were quite enjoyable. Still wouldn´t recommend it unless you´re ocean-worthy thirsty for pretty boys.

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Hall Of Shame:

8. Everything dropped + Tokyo Ghoul.


Oh. Tokyo Ghoul. I can just feel the hate coming my way, but I don´t give a fuck. I am so dissapointed. So, so dissapointed. You had one job, and that job was to stick with the feel of the twelfth episode of the first season – the psychological, the interesting, the mind of our friggin´ main character. But what, what do you decide to do once Sui Ishida comes on board? Throw it all away. Just fucking throw it all away and wait for the money to come rolling in.

Screw the main character, yo, remember that Kane-whatever kid from  last season? yeah. Screw him. He never existed. Replace him with a pretty boy who tragically stares into the camera everytime he´s on screen and cries sometimes. Also screw character development. Actually screw every single thing that made the first season and good and replace it with all the bullshit that made it sink. Add more characters, Ishida, just fucking do it, and develop them more than our main cast, even though we care more about them that stitch-boy. Also screw Rize. Screw the symbolism. Screw it all and turn it into the shonen trash you were forced to become. Fuck y´all and sleep tight, because if someone asked to describe this trash in one paragraph best believe it´ll be; “They fought, there was some nice music and I forgot who the main character is.” Tokyo Ghoul, congratu-fucking-lations for making me so angry over Chinese cartoons.

Read my very angry review on it. Or don´t.



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