A Standing Ovation For The Finale Of Samurai Flamenco.


Okay, I’ll be real with you; It’s not uncommon to find me gasping over the finale of a show, I’m easily moved and my emotions are made out of paper when it comes to fiction; It’s just who I am and to be honest, I’m glad that I’m not a heartless and over-analyzing critique.

I like to feel, and this is exactly why I’m so infatuated with anime; It can seriously catch you by surprise.

And that’s exactly what Samurai Flamenco did; Catch me by surprise.

I’m not sure if it was the Gotou having a mental breakdownthing, Masayoshi having a mental breakdownthing or the sudden Masayoshi asking Gotou to marry himthing. Which I totally saw coming from miles away, by the way. Except maybe not in this kind of situation.

And while I think it’s amazing for writers to add in some gay or lesbian romance in a show without making it the focus (This seasons Inari Kon kon, Samurai Flamenco and even Kill la Kill) I don’t think it’s just that that made me stand up and applaud for half a minute.

It was an appropiate ending for a crazy clusterfuck of a show, and even though MarixMoe and GotouxMasayoshi aren’t exactly wearing and engagement ring around their finger (yet) I still want to give this show a pat on the back for being so daring, exploring many themes in a span of 22 episodes.

I will write a full review as is obvious, but I sincerly thought that the ending of Samurai Flamenco deserves a very special shoutout, so there. Cheers!


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