A Look Into the Winter 2015 Anime Season Part 2; Rolling Around In The Trash.


The winter season, for one reason or another, tends to have a lot less shit. By that I don´t mean it has a lot less shit shows, it just means it has a whole less shows compared to other seasons; while you´d think the Winter and Summer season would be the best time for people to get seriously involved in shows and spend more time on cartoons, for some reason, it isn´t like that. Last year at this exact time we were all collectively looking forward to the one and only Death Parade; which slammed everyone to literal hell and back, all while enjoying Shirobako and the little things like Assassination Classroom and the ever so confusing YuriKuma, y´all remember that show about lesbians who turned into bears? yeah, what a ride; along with the clusterfuck that was the second season of Tokyo Ghoul. This seasons answer to all of that is, well, more Durarara, I guess. And I suppose Kyoani is doing a thing. And, eh, I´m sure some people care about Nurse Witch Komugi chan, which totally doesn´t sound like a hentai title at all, or anything.

Haruchika: Haruta to Chika wa Seishun Suru


Frankly, I didn´t know this was P.A Works before I went to look for the preview and the second the first frame hit and the song was all traditional, my weeb senses went from zero to hundred real quick and I knew. I knew. You might not like P.A Works, and I´d totally get it, but you have to admit they have an identity, no matter how bland and repetitive that identity really is is. As for Haruchika, I´m assuming it´s the same ol´ “bunch of kids do things and love hexagons ensue” kind of deal, this time with a Sunohara look a like to play one of the main characters and the character designs looking choppy as hell . Whatever.

Will I watch it? most of us will watch it and you know it.

Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo


Here´s DEEN trying to do what A1 Pictures is nowadays infamous for; a story about some brown spikey haired otaku nitwit waking up in a game world surrounded by beautiful babes ready to suck his dick. Except it never gets to the dick sucking and just stays with the boob jiggling. Someone needs to tell DEEN they aren´t A1 Pictures though, and not a lot of people really like them. Kore wa Zombie desu ka and School Rumble director Takaomi Kanasaki can only do so much to bring in his audience, but for the rest, forgettable trash.

Will I watch it? of course not.

Koukaku no Pandora


I frowned so hard I thought I screwed up my face for the rest of my life when I say this, uh, this teaser. I´m not exactly sure why I´m this bewildered, but I am. Perhaps it´s because it looks like something that should´ve come out in 2006 lining up right behind Kanokon and Negima. Perhaps it´s because we get to see the maido kitten smol archythype I thought died a few years ago again. Besides, studio Gokumi is responsible for tragedies such as this seasons Lance n´ Masques and A Channel. Why did Manglobe have to go bankrupt again?

Will I watch it? provided you give me a litre of vodka and a bit more depression, yes.

Luck & Logic


Oh Dogakobo, you keep playin´ me so well ever since you did Nozaki–kun over a year ago, why do I still have any faith at all in your people after the countless upsetting disasters you´ve done after that? to be fair, the preview is one of the most faceass corny things I have seen in my entire life, overwhelmed and affected just reading its synopsis and the character designs look like they belong in the trash can of Black Rock Shooter. The CGI made me cry a bit.

If you want something to hold on to, this is actually an original project directed by the one and only Kouichi Chigira, who did classic such as like Nineteen 19, Last Exile and Brave Story. Don´t know him or the shows he has done? shit, that makes two of us!

Will I watch it? “Trust your logic!” to fuck off.

Mahou Tsukai Precure!


The devil still wants us dead.

Musaigen no Phantom World


I´ve never been more thankful for Kyoani existing, because this season is going straight to the gutters otherwise. Listen, say what you want and all the Kyokai no Kanatas of the world considered, Kyoani has never, ever, ever let me down or made a show that hasn´t entertainmed me or been top tier of its season in my humble opinion. I´ll have faith in the world and trust fall in their arms again. Light novel adaptations or not, this preview was a nice familiar change from the bullshit that came before this.

Will I watch it? Yes.

Norn9: Norn + Nonet


I´ve heard a lot about Norn9. All relatively good things for an otome adaptation, to boot. The setting is already a lot more dreamy and lord let it be known we don´t  have one, but three female characters to relate to, that´s like, three times more the chance to have character who doesn´t have shit for brains. Hell, maybe it even has a viable storyline, actual conclusive romance and, god forbid, a kiss!

Will I watch it? Yes.

Nurse Witch Komugi-Chan

I thought this was a hentai.

It is not a hentai.

Prince of Stride: Alternative

Look, I´m not saying one of my anime wet dreams is Madhouse adapting a show with an entirely pretty boy cast, but Madhouse adapting a show with a pretty boy cast is one of my wet anime dreams. I´m excited, holy fuck, those backgrounds saved me, the running sequences came for my life. This is the most tumblr paragraph I´ve ever written, and I mean every word of the sentence. Perhaps this and that Kyoani show can carry the season, if Madhouse struts their stuff as much in the actual anime as they do in its trailer, we´re in for some serious eyecandy. Guys, in such a quiet season I recommend you give this an episode, even if one of the characters look like a thrift store Haru.

Will I watch it? Yes.

Reikenzan: Hoshikuzu-tachi no Utage

I haven´t found a preview for this show, but have a Russian guy talking about it for four minutes instead. I´m sure it´s about just as productive as the content of the show itself. Listen, I don´t hate DEEN. They do shows others wouldn´t touch and I respect that, but their quality is painful, and that mixed with irrelevant shit really doesn´t inspire anything. Clearly they aren´t even promoting it right judging by the lack of previews and, really, how are people gonna give it love when the studio itself doesn´t treat it with love?

Will I watch it? Of course not.

Saijaku Muhai no Bahamut


I have been fooled and thought this was that one spin off of Shingeki no Bahamut. Then I saw Lerche attached to it and I stared at the ceiling for a good few seconds. More school shit. More rainbow hair. More pretty girls. More boring male character. More magic. More dragons. It´s not nearly as exciting as it sounds. In fact it´ll probably bore you to death.

Will I watch it? I´d rather die.


Would you believe I understood a lot of what was said in this trailer? frankly, for people who are into military stuff and mecha, this might actually be a decent watch. LIDEN Films isn´t exactly renowed for this kind of stuff, but the trailer isn´t embarrasing at all compared to most things on the chart, so let´s have some hope.

Will I watch it? I doubt it, but you might like it.

Shoujo-tachi wa Kouya wo Mezasu

I have been fooled once more and thought for a split second that the cover was Horimiya, one my favourite romance manga of all time which I totally recommend you read and watch the OVA, unfortunately it´s not Horimiya, but is instead the dollar Saekano, by which I mean it´s a bunch of pretty nerds creating a videogame. The studio is unknown. So is the director. The anime might surprise, but I won´t count on it.

Will I watch it? Maybe.

Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu


Deadass the cover put me off real quick, but the preview looks fun as hell. This is why I like DEEN, despite all of their BS. They might make trash, but it´s the kind of trash I enjoy and don´t mind rolling around in, like Bakumatsu Rock or the comedic and consensual parts of Sekaiichi Hatsukoi. I don´t know, I think this is made for people like me.

Will I watch it? Yes.

All in all, I really can´t bring myself to do a most anticipated post, because I really don´t give a shit about anything except maybe Durarara, that Kyoani show, and Assassination Classroom if I try really hard. Of course, anime is good at giving random surprises from the most random corners, and if I had to bet on any it would be Boku Dake ga Inai and for some reason, Dagashi Kashi. We´ll see. Do you guys see any potential dark horses in the charts? any unexpected hits? anything you´re looking forward to at all? Cheers.


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  1. >Kyoani has never, ever, ever let me down or made a show that hasn´t entertainmed me or been top tier of its season in my humble opinion

    I wish I could say the same. Rarely do I ever feel that they turn in anything but a milquetoast and utterly mediocre J-drama. A lovingly-animated one, sure, but that matters very little when I don’t care about what’s going on, and feel that it would have been better-served to just be a regular live action show. They’re like the anti-Deen, and I routinely wish they would break out of their rut and take a risk on something more ambitious.

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