A Look Into the Winter 2015 Anime Season; A Whole Bunch Of Nothing.


In my senior year of highschool, I couldn´t really follow any shows, actually watch any anime at all or even sit back and find out what´s about to go down in the kick–off season of 2016, wow, 2016, right? I´ll get to marathoning all the shows I was originally interested in from the fall season at some point at some time, and despite it all, I still followed One Punch Man, Everything Turns F and Haikyuu religiously, but, for this seasons impression, and unlike every other season preview I´ve done ever, this will actually be completely new for me, let´s go.

Active Raid: Kidou Kyoushuushitsu Dai Hakkei

Anime original. Mechas. Production IMS. Nothing in this mix really does it for me – in their defense, the designs look a little more older and a little less like something that´ll end up in a massive gangbang (or like, implied gangbang) and they have, gasp and shock, actual natural hair colours like different shades of brown, Wow. If this sounds like it´s up your lane for some reason, good for ya, but it sure isn´t up mine, and it isn´t just because the subtitle literally says “Special Public Security Fifth Division Third Mobile Assault Eight Unit” this is the kind of shit I see on off–brand cheap dollar toys from my local chinese shop.

Will I watch it? Special Public Security Fifth Division Third Mobile Assault Eight Unit One Nah.


I know this will probably be a real circlejerker to the hipsters of the animu community, and honestly, I´d totally be in that circle with you guys if it weren´t for the CGI, it just doesn´t look nice, and since it´s the exact same team behind Knights of Sidonia we already know what to kinda–sorta expect from it´s aesthetics. I won´t doubt it´ll be something different, and hell, I´ll definitely watch the first few episodes to see if its content makes up for the animation – but I won´t be surprised if I drop it. Maybe I should be more optimistic, perhaps the plot will be so strong it´ll make me blind to the visuals; we´ll see.

Will I watch it? I´ll give it a try.

Akagami no Shirayuki-hime 2


The first season, while bright and light and incredibly fluffy and not too lost in the angst to be heavy, is a show I actually didn´t finish; not because I didn´t like it, but because I had no damn time – so if I find it in myself to finish the first one I´ll watch it, the few episodes I had seen was  fun, though I might want to wait to get depressed and/or for my period so I can fully enjoy it while eating chocolate wrapped in a blanket.

Will I watch it? If I get an epiphany and finish the first season, yes.

Assassination Classroom 2

More second seasons, this time with a show I actually somehow finished. I say somehow because Assassination Classroom really isn´t the type of show I´d normally watch, in fact I´d probably be a bit of a hater if I didn´t know any better – but there I was, enjoying every dang episode. Week after week. In its time I´ve said that AssClass is the anime to show your non–shonen loving friends to get them into it, or at least it captured me in its misfit magic and didn´t let go till the very last moment; it speaks to us losers. So if you actually have friends you´ll probably just roll your eyes a lot.

Will I watch it? Yes.

Ao no Kanata no Four Rhythm


Judging by the trailer this is my childhood wet dream come true with shoes that can fly and cute anime girls groping me – too bad it also looks like a vanilla generic boring and dry as fuck version of Air Gear, minus the gay, minus the boobs, plus more archetypes and…well, both mcs seem equally tedious. So that´s eh. To top it all off, this is Gonzo desperately trying to keep an arm out of their grave and wait for anyone to grab it to keep them alive a little longer, well, for a studio that did Hellsing, Welcome to the NHK and Gantz, this is kinda depressing.

Will I watch it? If the merch comes with shoes that can actually fly, sign me the fuck up.

Boku Dake ga Inai Machi

This might be this seasons  Everything Becomes F, by which I mean it isn´t set in a school with girls with big boobs and lame boys. There seems to actually be a story with a beginning and ending. It´s also A1 Pictures on production, and somehow it seemed to work with Everything Becomes Nabokovs Lolita, so I´d keep an eye out for this one guys. Sword Art Online´s Tomohiko Itou is directing it, and I think this dude just really depends on the source material to decide what makes it marketable and really makes that aspect shine.

Will I watch it? Yes.

Bubuki Buranki

Listen guys, I was going to shrug this off as a kiddy anime or yet another “boy with a fringe gets in a school and defeats some evil with pretty girl squad” but I decided to at least look at the trailer, and what the fuck, I didn´t realize it was CGI until I was told. Guys. I´m serious. Check it out.

As for the actual content show I doubt it´s gonna be worth jack, but the animation has me interested enough to maybe give it at least an episode. If just to see it in motion for 24 minutes. It´s kind of like God Eater minus the aesthetics that made it look like one big (mess of a) painting. Cheers.

Will I watch it? Nah.

Dagashi Kashi

I´ve heard a lot about this, and from the cover I thought this might be some wack Oreimo spin-off, because the blondie on the table looks exactly like the little sister – it´ll be produced by titty masters Feel and directed by the guy who did Tokyo ESP and The World Only God Knows. Frankly I couldn´t care less about either of them, and unless the main girl is actually a psychotic yandere who goes on a killing spree for her love, I don´t think I´ll care about this one either; “weird rich girl has to convince wet blanket dude to take over his family sweet shop” just doesn´t make me excited, I don´t know, shit taste maybe.

I figure it´s going to be a SNAFU kind of deal with a quirky female character.

PS: Them character designs, though.

Will I watch it? The first episode, probably.

Dimension W

While completely different to what the studio and director is used to doing, coming from the guys behind Sora no Method and director Kanta Kamei doing a whole lot of nothing special (Nanana´s Buried Treasure here, Saekano there.) Dimension W looks like it could be pretty lit, if, like, Madhouse or Production I.G did it.

Coming from such a small studio supported by Orange´s CGI – which looks pretty good – I just see this falling on its face real quick just like so many other shows trying to be something different do. Let´s be carefully optimistic.

Will I watch it? I´ll give it a try.

Divine Gate


Next up from the studio that will ruin all your favourite things aka Pierrot, comes the next show your normie socially awkward friends will legally buy; frankly, nobody gives a shit about Divine Gate so they can do whatever they want – who´s gonna watch this generic ball of generic superpowers and eyeroll inducing boring show about swords that light fire out of their ass anyway? I honestly couldn´t even finish reading the description, I´m sorry.

Will I watch it? Are you kidding me?

Durarara!!x2 Ketsu


Third times a charm, they say, but I think it´s fair to say Durarara is on its fourth run, and the 2010 original 24 episodes haven´t got shit to do with everything that came afterwards despite it being a continuation – that´s not to say I hate or dislike it, in fact I can´t get quite behind most critique people give this show apart from the one where they say that it´s definitely, definitely not what it was.

It got me thinking though, what if all 62 episodes got released at the same time, and my 13 year old mind watched it one after another? would I still think it´s different, or would I eat it up like I did with the first 24? something tells me most of us just got older, more experience with anime, and maybe it´s not so much the anime that changed, but our growth has changed our perspective on it. I think it´s fair to say most of us watched Durarara in our early anime days.

Will I watch it? Of course. It´s still fun.

Fairy Tail Zero

I´m not going to watch it, never will. Really though, and this is just my uneducated opinion but, isn´t Fairy Tail literally the most bland and shonen-y shonen out there? isn´t it a step-by-step guide of shonen tropes, shonen characters and things that happen in a shonen story? even so people around me love it, and although admittedly most of them are filthy casuals, I still don´t get why they´d chose Fairy Tail over Naruto or Bleach. Eh.

Will I watch it? no.

Gate: Jieitai Kanochi nite, Kaku Tatakaeri 2


Sequels I don´t care about.

Will I watch it? fuck outta here.

Hai to Gensou no Grimgar

Despite it being a different show from the same studio, I feel like everything A1 Pictures does nowadays is an exact carbon copy of the last, all stemmed from the dirty seeds Sword Art Online left behind; too bad none of these will ever impact the anime world as much as SAO has done, and honestly, if I never got into SAO, I sincerely doubt I´ll get anything out of unsuspectig-average-video-game-playing-boy-surrounded-by-people-including-pretty-girls-finds-himself-in-strange-world-and-converts-into-a-badass-and-saves-the-world #49. The only thing that shines here are the aesthetic and the sketchy backgrounds, they look really nice.

Will I watch it? No.

And that´s that for the first part of the look into the (seemingly boring as shit) winter season. I don´t think I´ve ever straight said “no” to so many shows before, and although I´ll naturally check them all out (whether it´s for three episodes or three minutes will depend) I´m really not expecting anything to wow me. As for this Fall season, well, I only just finished One Punch Man. That is it.


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