A Look Into the Spring 2016 Season (Part 1) – WIT Studios Can Pay Your Tuition, Bones Will Pay Your Rent.

120With pretty boy parkour, time resets, end of iconic titles and a whole lot of rakugo, the Winter season is coming to a kicking end with a lot of peaks and dissapointment and unexpected goodness along the way.

Ironically, for me personally, the biggest hype got sinked low like Erased, while shows I didn´t expect to be anything new shined through like a raw diamond in a story that respects itself and actually has a beginning and ending – in my opinion Erased and Showa Genroku were the magnets of the season; one with explosive drama and rush, and the other the complete opposite – slow and subtle. While  Erased told you the story, I felt like Shouwa Genroku really made you feel it.

And while I might go in on that later – this contrast of the seasons top guns – in some other post, we´re here to look at the upcoming Spring season. With every Spring season article I always say the same things; Spring gives me nostalgia, the transition from the chilly outside to the smell of grass and school ending. With that said, let´s get it on.

12-sai.: Chiccha na Mune no Tokimeki


Studio: Oriental Light And Magic (Berserk, Hellsing)
Director: Seiki Taichu, directed naw-thing.
Will I watch: No.

So apparently this is about some twelve year old hack who has bugs for eyes and there´s a fuck lot of pink judging by the OVA released some years ago which you can apparently only find on Youtube with Spanish subtitles. In all honesty this might actually be interesting, or at least the summary describes it as the “growth of a girl who´s not a child nor an adult” – or something we can all probably relate to in one way or another, or at least would like to relate to. And that´s the big problem with anime, and probably the virus that will infected this show: it´s just not relatable.

Everything is either black or white, or in this case pink or blue, whereas an actual realistic depiction of growing up would be showing us everyones reality, and no one is really the protagonist. Life comes in different shades between these spectrums, and so, in the end, just ends up feeling cartoony and empty and superficial. Someday, perhaps, we´ll dip our toes in these waters, but this is definitely not the one that will do it.

Ps. The fact that Berserk and Hellsing are the two big shows on this studios repertoire is absolutely hilarious to me.


Studio: TMS Entertainment (Every ecchi show your normalfag friends loves.)
Director: Junji Nishimura (Dog Days and its fifty nine sequels)
Will I watch: A small maybe.

Notorious for creating every ecchi show in existene, TMS is back with another mentally challenging anime, this time dipping in the realm of sports, because they´ve decided that there have been too many Free!s and Kuroko no Baskets and Haikyuus and Prince of Strides and Yaoimushi Pedals for our fragile self-esteem to handle. Anyways, we all know what to expect as far as CGI bikes and cute girls go – which is one surprise on my part, because I would´ve expected them to go for sexy girls rather than cute ones.

If you want to support this show, buy its limited edition dakimakura that´ll cost two months of rent and a weeks worth of cinema snacks.

Big Order

Studio: Asread (Helped out every other anime in existence but nothing on their own)
Director: Nobuharu Kamanaka (Nawthing)
Will I watch: No.

Debuting a whole new team of creators that has only had an OVA (coincidentally the OVA of this same show) under their belts, we can expect a whole lot of nothing, because this is the most cliché, stereotypical mess of a plot I´ve ever seen in my entire life. I really have nothing funny to say about this – the spikey haired kid with a bad attitude will go to some school, fall in a landmine of titties and hair dye, all while saving the planet but never his virginity. It´s lit.

Boku no Hero Academia

Studio: BONES (Noragami, Ouran Highschool Host Club, Space Dandy)
Director: Kenji Nagasaki (Classroom Crisis and No.6)
Will I watch: Yes.

If One Punch Man was the hype machine of its season, then Boku no Hero Academia is this ones. If you´ve spent five minutes on the weeb side of the internet you must have heard about this – I definitely have, and heard people praise it to Zion and back, while others say it´s just a shonen marshmallow. I haven´t read even a page of the manga. I totally could have, but I didn´t, because I put more faith in the latter than the former and, judging by this trailer, it´s shonen with moe and a protagonist who actually seems likeable.

To be honest, I think it might actually be pretty neat, despite not being its target audience, I´ll expect something similar to One Punch Man with more cartoony artwork and a little less memorable cast.

Bungou Stray Dogs

Studio: BONES (An anime you love and an anime you hate probably)
Director: Takuya Igarashi (Soul Eater, Star Driver and Captain Earth)
Will I watch: Yes.

Rumor has it that if you open the door to enter BONES this spring season, fifty six animators will fall flat on their faces from the sudden sunshine, two directors locked up in the garage finishing storyboards and two Sueisha editors counting the dollar bills in their office. We´re thankful, though, because BONES has been on top of their game since their spiritual revival in the anime scene.

If this is a “secondary” project to Boku no Hero Academia then we can tell they have good faith in loyal director – for better or worse – Takuya Igarashi, because the animation is almost the same quality as the former. In any case, this looks like it was tailor made for people like me, reminiscent of Gangsta, Dogs Bullets and Carnage and Baccano. I´m definitely looking forward to it, its only qualm being its director known for pissing on potentially good shows. However, this already has a source material, so it might be his saving grace. Or not.



Studio: Brains Base (The good Durarara season, Blood Lad)
Director: Keiji Gotoh (D.N Angel)
Will I watch: Nah.

Good to know that Brains Base is also jumping headfirst into the cliché pool. The trailer is so boring and predictable I ask myself and you guys if people actually genuinely look forward t0 these type of shows, and if so, why. If they do actually enjoy these shows, they must have a fucking great time every season with the pile of highschooler-turned-magician bullcrap we get. On another note, the director has done nothing worth talking about except D.N Angel which might trigger some fujoshi nostalgia to some and for a second I thought one of the girls of the cast had the neck size of a twig. Carry on.

Flying Witch

Studio: J.C Staff (Shokugeki no Souma, Love Stage)
Director: Katsushi Sakurabi 
Will I watch: No.

People, for some reason, cite DEEN as the most mediocre studio standing on the globe. I, personally, think that J.C Staff wins that title or at least deserve a honorable mention or something. J.C must stand for Job Crisis since they´re cashing in the safest show they can get already. Honestly, Flying Witch just seems optimistic and bright at most, but ultimately boring and much less anything fresh.


Studio: Hoods Entertainment.
Director: ??
Will I watch: ??!!

Listen. I don´t even know if this is the actual trailer of the anime. If it is the trailer of the anime and the tagline is actually “all the world´s a stage And all the men and women merely players”, then we might be witnessing animes first ever Bugs Bunny meets live-action show. About a cute idol and a cuter Japanese girls sucking the dead titty of a Shakespears quote they won´t ever do justice. But what do I know. Hoods Entertainment might.

Ace Attorney


Studio: Ayumu Watanabe (Space Brothers, Mysterious Girlfriend X)
Director: A1 Pictures.
Will I watch: First episode.

Never in my life did I think this game was going to get an anime, and I ain´t even played the game. But I´ve seen the memes and heard the praises, watched people play it and confused it for a whole other game instead, I don´t know if it has an actual story and have no idea what an anime of it will be like, all I do know is that this game is popular and that it´s getting a daytime timeslot, which means it will be tame, and which means that I might (probably) get bored objection after objection.

Hai Furi

Studio: Production IMS (Inari KonKon Koi Iroha, Date A Live, Shinmai Maou no Testament)
Director: Nobuta Yuu (Daitoshokan no Hitsujikai)
Will I watch: No.

I remember when Production IMS was just new and released Inari Konkon, which was welcomed by the indie hipsterqueens of the community including yours truly. I really liked Inari Konkon, if just for its subtlety and how oldschool it felt. Unfortunately, a handful of ecchi shows later it seems like IMS lost whatever it began with, and Haifuri looks like a hot, cute mess that tries to be Inari KonKon mixed with fanservice sauce. I´m out.


Studio: Production IMS.
Director: Kobayashi Tomoki (Akame ga Kill, Ichigo 100)
Will I watch: No.

And here´s IMS again standing loud and proud of their newfound identity – but not really, because every other studio in Japan seems to have at least a dozen “spikey-haired-dude-falls-in-tits-and-saves-world-but-not-his-virginity” shows on their repertoire. I really don´t know why we even bother with trailers anymore, because it´s all the same shit anyway. I guess this shows gimmick is the half-assed mechas. Whatever.

Joker Game

Studio: Production I.G (Psycho Pass, Kuroko no Basket, Haikyuu)
Director: Nomura Kazuya (-)

Will I watch: Yes,

This show hasn´t even aired yet, and I already appreciate it existing. With beautiful animation and colours (are they mixing 2D with CGI?), it´s reminiscent of Baccano. It seems to present a whole story with a beginning and an ending, and it´s Production I.G so we already know we can rely on it somehow. The only concern that prevents me from calling this the hype of the season (or the Erased of the Spring season but like, less shit) is the director, who has done literally fucking nothing. But I might be nitpicking. Add this one on your list, guys.


Studio: TRIGGER (Kill la Kill, Ninja Slayer the Animation)
Director: Masahiko Ootsuka (Inferno Cop)
Will I watch: Yes.

But the show that´s really going to take the anime community by storm is Kiznaiver. Style-wise it ain´t gonna get any more Trigger unless we copy and paste live action cardboard cut-outs and put them on top of a red background. Story wise and otherwise, it seems a lot more tame and chill than, god forbid I mention it, Kill la Kill. Y´know, when I think of Trigger I expect bombastic cartoony characters to get thrown around on screen, gimmicks all over and red text. This just reminds me of any normal anime minus the Trigger tag and the arstyle. Of course I´ll watch it, and so will you.

Koutetsujou no Kabaneri

Studio: WIT Studios (Shingeki no Kyojin, Rolling Girls, Owari no Seraph)
Director: Tetsurou Araki (Shingeki no Kyojin, Death Note, Guilty Crown)
Will I watch: Yes.

This show hasn´t even started yet and I´m already sick of talking about it so I´ll keep it short – WIT know what the fuck they´re doing. This is literally Attack on Titan with zombies and it was totally intentional to make you notice that. We can bitch all we want but it´s still going to be the hit of the season. The animation is stunning.

Kuma Miko

Studio: Kinema Citrus (Black Bullet, Barakamon)
Director: Kiyoshi Matsuda (-)
Will I watch: No It´ll make me want to die.

Almost a complete contrast to Production IMS, Kinema Citrus started out with Pedophilia; the Animation and then made a name of themselves with the adorable Barakamon. Following that, we´re getting something that´s so endearing and cute it makes me want to kill myself. Just look at the fella. Look at the bear. Look at them eating together. Jesus.


Studio: P.A Works (Nagi no Asukara, Shirobako, Charlotte)
Director: Tensai Okamura (Wolfs Rain, Blue Exorcist)
Will I watch: Maybe.

I´ve reached the point of, unless P.A Works are doing another five seasons of Shirobako, I don´t want to see their name on anime chart for the next year anymore. I´ve seen one episode of HaruChika, and fuck me if it wasn´t like every original P.A production in its history. Naturally, this seems to be following the same pattern, and naturally there are cute girls and handsome boys and stunning backgrounds and a small town and lots of uniforms and hey, if you have time, this might be an okay pick up.


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