A Look In The Summer 2015 Anime Season; For All Your Kinks, There´s An Anime. [Part 2]


Wheter or not you have a thing for women with tentacles, stilletos pressing your face against the toilet seat or wheter or not you want to indulge yourself in watching a non-existent, two-dimensional boy sleeping for 24 minutes, week after week for two and a half months, this season has got it all for your perfect, antisocial Summer experience. This is why we don´t have friends.

Kangoku Gakuen Prison School


Produced by J.C Staff, responsible for Masterchef the animation (otherwise known as Shokugeki no Souma) we get one of, if not the most anticipated anime of the whole entire season, and for good reason. If J.C can pull it off, this will be the best raunchy comedy to come out of anime up, period. Or at least up there with Cromartie Highschool and Detroit Metal City. Prison School is amazing, and while the anime definitely, surely won´t do the beautiful illustrations justice, one can just hope they don´t fuck it up or censor it too much. Will definitely watch.

Kuusen Madoushi Kouhosei no Kyoukan

What´s with good music and generic anime? guessing from the title and corny teaser, this is just as groundbreaking and fresh as the stale cola sweet under your bed from when you were in middle school – produced by Diomedea and directed/writted by people who have only done these type of shows, I honestly don´t know where they get audience from. Skip.

Makura no Danshi


No teaser out for this one yet, but it´s about pretty boys sleeping, for 24 weekly minutes, running for two and a half months. Next season, we get an anime about pretty boys eating lunch for 24 weekly minutes, running for two and a half months. This is why we don´t have friends.

Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou


I have heard a lot about this show for no good reason other than to please your tentacle kink and monster girl fetish. I don´t know man, I like my girls with two legs, two arms, breasts that fit in your hand and definitelynot slimey. Monster Musume says “fuck that!” however, and gives us spiders, birds, aliens and everything in between. At least it´s, uh, different. I´ll give it a few episodes and decide wheter or not 16 legs on a woman does it for me.


 It´s Madhouse, it has a rad skeleton, a generic goth loli and it looks like something that´d you´d have watched before going to school when you were 9. Epic music can´t save the maids and terrible CGI, Madhouse –  but I´ll give it a watch and decide if the Shingeki no Bahamut vibes I´m getting here are legit.

Ranpo Kitan: Game of Laplace


 Running for the NoitaminA block, Lerche has their hands full with Ranpo Kitan, an anime based on an actual novel that might be good, but its chances are significantly lowered with Seiji Kishi on board – or at least, this is the communities general opinion, but I like Seiji, he did Angel Beats and this seasons Assassination Classroom, but also Hamatora and, well, everything else on his name. Whatever man, I´ll give it a try.

Rokka no Yuusha

I was gonna rant about how this show isn´t for me, but then I watched the preview and realized the ladies on the poster are actually dudes being bros. I can´t trust anime anymore, man. Hilarious CGI aside, the fact that this doesn´t seem to be another adventure show with exclusively women that are there exclusively to show off their tits has peaked a bit of my interest. I´ll give it a watch if I remember to.

Shimoneta to Iu Gainen ga Sonzai Shinai Taikutsu na Sekai


 Anime finally decides to embrace its sexual inmaturity  in a show where sex jokes and bad puns are banned, so the BDSM Power Rangers take part in obscene acts of terrorism against the school regime, this show is also produced by J.C Staff, who seem to think slightly sarcastic ecchi anime hold the key to the future. Good for you, J.C, good for you.

Sore ga Seiyuu!

 And here´s an anime about cute girls making anime about cute girls making anime about cute girls. Literally stare at your screen as these girls talk for 24 minutes into a microphone while being unecessarily lesbian-tastic to eachother. Hey, at least they´re cute.

Suzakinishi: The Animation

 Hey look, another anime about cute girls talking. Featuring two popular voice actresses voicing themselves, because this is based off of a radio show! Next, anime is adapting TV commercials, featuring personifications of different car brands! I´d be very sad if I had to animate this.

Ushio to Tora


Shit, none of these shows have a preview, but as I was hunting through Youtube for Ushio to Tora, the first thing I got was a very cool opening of the first adaptation which aired in the early 90s, except this 2015 version is produced by MAPPA, and MAPPA knows how to strut their stuff. Everything, and I mean everything they have produced so far has been top-tier of their respective season, so I´m expecting no less for Ushio to Tora, which I would have no interest in if it was done by anyone but MAPPA. This is how a studio should be.

Venus Project – Climax –


Again, no preview, but this one caught my attention for being produced by a studio that I have never heard of before – but apparently they also did Rozen Maiden and nothing else slightly relevant in the past decade. Venus Project is about idols, robots and lesbians.


Apparently Working!! is getting a twelfth billionth season for some reason – I´ve literally never talked to anyone online or offline who recommends this or talks about it, I remember wanting to watch it in my fetus anime days but decided against it because I realized I love myself more than that. If you like anime comedy, this is for you, enjoy it, have it, love it.

Everything Else:

And here are the shows I honestly just don´t care about to dedicate a whole paragraph to, but care enough about to talk about for two sentences:

Aquarion Logos

…Nevermind, I have nothing to say about this.

Fate/kaleid liner Prisma☆Illya 2wei Herz!

Fate fans sure talk a lot of shit about the Monogatari franchise when theirs is just as confusing. All I know about this is that there is an intense lesbian make-out session somewhere, so it can´t be awful, unlike Unlimited Blade Works, amirite.

Gakkou Gurashi!


Himouto! Umaru-chan

I watch anime to forget reality for a while, not to deal with annoying, smartass little sisters in it aswell.

Non Non Biyori Repeat

Repeat. Repeat the closeted animated lesbians. Repeat the moe. Repeat the internet memes.

Senki Zesshou Symphogear GX

What the fuck is this even about I honestly don´t know.

THE iDOLM@STER: Cinderella Girls 2nd Season

What the fuck is this even about I honestly don´t know.

To LOVE-Ru Darkness 2nd

The extent of my to Love ru experience goes back to when I was 13 and a friend borrowed me her to Love Ru light novel which she purchased in the school library – ever since then my mom suspects I´m a lesbian.

Bikini Warriors

Just look at the poster. Please look at the poster. The poster and its breasts are the best thing of the entire anime, I bet.

Million Doll

Girl sits infront of computer for her entire life and makes idols famous. It´s like me without the idols thing. This might be okay.

Code Geass: Boukoku no Akito 4 – Nikushimi no Kioku Kara

Sunrise likes to pretend they´re still relevant pushing out more Code Geass out of their ass almost an entire decade after the anime ended. Fantastic.

Meiji Tokyo Renka: Yumihari no Serenade

Reverse harem movie by Deen. Good for a drinking game.

Hetalia: The World Twinkle

With its fandom competing agaist the SAO, Mirai Nikki and Akame ga Kill edgy fanboys combined for the stupid prize, Hetalia is total guilty pleasure material and I´ll watch it when it gets dubbed.

Mujaki no Rakuen

I think this is illegal.

Yuru Yuri Nachuyachumi!+

And to finish off the season preview in a symbolic way, Yuru Yuri continues to make us cry with what it is and what it could have been, oh damn you anime and your hard on for queer baiting the fuck out of all your shows.

With this, I think I can say this is going to be good season for the kinky bastards and maybe for the average anime watcher. Cheers.


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