A Look In The Fall 2015 Anime Season; A Whole Lotta Nothing [Part 1]


You know a season is fucked when your best bet of something decent is about a bald guy in a corny superhero suit who punches once and defeats the enemy. At least One Punch Man is aware of its own cheesiness, unlike the fifty kilos of harem BS, sadomasochist vampires and a bunch of sequels no one actually cares about – going from a season where strange kinks were the norm, we´re now heading to a season of nothingness and boys playing with balls, volleyballs.

Aikatsu 4

This is the fourth installment of Sunrise trying to convince you to buy cutesy moe girl toothbrushes, slippers, card games, glass cases, bento boxes, calendars, figurines, pens, erasers and I sure as fuck wouldn´t be surprised if they sell condom packs with the Aikatsu logo plastered on it. Will I watch it? Will you watch it? Will my five your old sister watch it?! the answer is no.

Comet Lucifer

That was God damn beautiful – The girl looks like the love child of Shiro from No Game No Life and Chaika from Hitsugi no Chaika, the preview looks like a lovely music video and the anime itself looks like colourful trash. If only this could be a Mushishi like story with this girl travelling and helping people with bright colours and animation to back it up, but instead it´s about some half baked dude with magical powers who magically finds this girl and they´ll probably have a lot of harem-y shenanigans together. I don´t think it will, but if it does turn out to be something more, please tell me.

Concrete Revolution

This is, for some reason, one of the more hyped up shows of the season – though that really doesn´t say much when you see the rest of the chart. Directed by Seiji Mizushima (that chubby guy from Shirobako. Yup.) and brought to you by studio Bones (who are really bringing giving it their all lately) Concrete Revolution is another art shop explosion, meaning it´s hella colourful and bright and Gatchaman Crowds-like. Think Punchline minus the amazing animation, add the backgrounds of Meganebu and add some robots. I honestly don´t care about superheroes or mecha, but I´ll probably watch the first episode and silently praise Bones for trying things, even if I don´t necessarily like the things they´re doing.

Dance with Devils

Wouldn´t Dance With The Devils be a better title? No? Alright. First of all, this preview felt like a fucking movie. Not because it has any substance, but because it´s so damn long and if you´re gonna have the heroine sing in the preview, we best get a whole musical by the twelfth episode – anyways, it´s another reverse harem with edgy pretty boys who look brooding and mean and a main girl who looks like a saint. It´s trash and I´ll probably end up watching it. The only potential saving grace this show has is that it´s directed by Ai Yoshimura who, while not an especially competent director, has never directed a reverse harem before, so she might bring something fresh to the table rather than the other two directors who seem to have every reverse harem ever made under their names. For reference, Ai Yoshimura has directed all of Ao Haru Ride, Oregairu and some Nichibros and Gintama episodes.

Diabolik Lovers, More

In case one problematic reverse harem with questionable grammar isn´t enough for your problematic reverse harem with questionable grammar needs, here´s a classic. I don´t care guys, I am so looking forward to ripping this show apart once again, it´s problematic and fucking awful, I am here to trash the show a second time around.

Asterisk War


Aniplex is shoving this down everyones throats – we simply spit it out. It´s not even funny how these shows keep appearing and reappearing like pimples on a teenager. I just totally compared anime to pimples, and to be honest, I think it´s a fair enough simile. Asterisk War is nothing you have never seen before, it´s about Generic MC A ending up in a school full of pretty girls who´ll end up on their pretty knees for him before he spouts some inspirational BS, some mediocre action, a half baked romance and then the show ends. It´s empty, just like most of the shows the director Manabu Ono has done.

Garo: Guren no Tsuki


So I haven´t actually finished the first season of Garo even though I liked it a lot, but from my understanding this has nothing to do with the characters or story of the first season, so I guess it´s okay to check this out despite that? MAPPA really is a gift to the anime world, I just hope they can make ends meet with things other than their awful disc sales, because the past year would´ve missed some serious gems without them.

Haikyuu!! 2

Another season of pretty boys playing with balls. We all love Haikyuu!!, and although I don´t think I appreciate it nearly as much as the people invading my Tumblr feed with gay fanart and appreciation posts do, I can definitely appreciate their GIF making skills and colourful fanfiction. Really, I don´t care for Haikyuu when it´s not airing, but I´m here for it when it is. Of course I´ll watch it.

Heavy Object


I don´t care for this show. I´m assuming it´s going to by the people of Toaru Majutsu no Index, for the people who like Toaru Majutsu no Index. Funny enough, Index was actually one of my first anime, and I didn´t even dislike it. Nowadays I just don´t have the time to waste on things I don´t fully enjoy watching, and Heavy Object will definitely feel like a chore to me. Cheers to the people who will like it, though.

Hidan no Aria AA

Honestly I´m always down for cute girls with guns fucking each other up, but apparently this is a sequel or something, and to be honest the original Hidan no Aria doesn´t look like something I´d invest my time in. If only the trailer were just the girls gunning each other down and not random cuts of them doing cute things, maybe I´d consider it. I might pick it up if I´m very, extremely bored and chained to the bed in sickness.

K: Return of Kings


K is back to return with more impressive effects and filters, above average animation when it counts and absolutely zero substance. I´m not gonna sit here and pretend I actually remember anything from the first season – from memory I can only really recall the white haired dude, probably called Shiro, meeting some pretty samurai boy and a cat girl and a discount Durarara plot. Which basically means it´s the second and third season of Durarara minus the nostalgia of the first season. I´ll definitely watch it though, don´t think I care enough to rewatch the first season.

Kidou Senshi Gundam: Tekketsu no Orphans

More Gundam for the Gundam hoes, though even though I know nothing about that business, I think this particular season is a cheap dick to suck on. It´s written by Mari Okada, I don´t think I want Mari Okada anywhere near my favourite franchise, but hey, Gundam fans, how do y´all feel about this? all I know about Gundam is that their fans make sure to hang a damn certificate around their necks after watching it to let the rest of the world know they´ve spent 72 hours on it, kind of like Legend of the Galactic Heroes, unfortunately 24 hours a day is not enough for my poor soul to watch these shows. Someday, maybe, someday, baby.

Lance N’ Masques

From the title alone I was praying for a badass show of a group of fashion models wearing masks and kicking ass, then I watched the preview and I want to die. I don´t even want or need to explain why. I´d rather shove needles down my throat than sit through this.

Noragami Aragoto

Of course I like Noragami. That´s the thing with Bones lately, I like their shows, but I don´t love them. They´re fun to watch, they´ll end up reasonably high in the rankings and that´s that – I wouldn´t cry for more of it. So am I happy Noragami is getting a second season? sure, why not. I´m a little pressed this season is focusing on my least favourite character of the show, Bishamon, but sure, man, sure. Meanwhile I´ll wait for Bones to blow me away though, I think an Ouran reboot might do it.

One Punch Man

So the first episode has already aired and I haven´t seen it, mainly because it´s Madhouse and I want to enjoy it in all its 1080 p glory – however I have no doubt this is going to be the hit of the season as long as they give it the love, care, detail and animation quality it deserves, that´s really all they have to do, because One Punch Man isn´t all that complicated or difficult to adapt into movement, it just needs to look good. So will I be watching this? of fucking course. I´ll be loving it, too, the manga is dope.

I think that´s a good show to stop on. I´ll write the second part sometime soon, though I´ve got all the seasonal reviews and ranking pending. On a personal note, I have just started my senior year in highschool so if I´m pressed with time and my writing suffers under it, it´s probably because I´m crying over Greek. Thanks for reading, as usual. Cheers.


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