A Few Reasons Of Why Mekaku City Actors Could Become The Best Thing Ever.


In case you haven’t noticed, my expectations are sky-high for this show.

So as episode 1 happened a few days ago, I couldn’t stand the idea of waiting another two weeks to be able to talk about this show, instead I have decided to share my unrealistic expectations with you guys, so we can all be dissapointed together. Here goes:

1. It’s not a harem: Pretty straightforward, Mekaku has many interesting relationships and thankfully it has a balanced cast that’s not boiled down to stupid and bland MC, tsundere, dandere, childhood friend and cyborg.

2: The characters: If the show follows the songs and  manga, I can guarantee that the characters are basically jesus, especially Kano, oh man, that boy can get it.

3: The story: It’s fuckin’ weird and I love it.

4: The characters: The characters are still amazing.

5: It’s SHAFT: There is no studio more appropiate to adapt a crazy franchise like this, episode 1 suits as proof of this as it has effectively dick-slapped the entire fanbase with it’s SHAFT-ness.

6: Kano: It’s Kano.


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