5 Unpopular Anime Opinions, Or Something.


Best believe the title of this post is the most cringe-worthy thing I have done today – but it´s okay because I´m out of things to write about, so I´ll rip off every other anime blogger ever and talk about how much of a hipster I am – except I´m not, I just dislike bad shows. P.S: Don´t take me too seriously.

Golden Time


According to everyone ever, Golden Time is the mature version of Toradora – to  be honest, I don´t see it, in fact, I´d say the only real difference is the age difference, and that the characters of both shows are equally inmature and annoying in everything they do.

I don´t hate Golden Time, but I definitely don´t like it, and actually prefer Toradora over this mixed bag of supernatural who-ah, childhood friends, tsunderes and a shit ton of love heptagons. Thanks but no thanks.

Nagi No Asukara

The only good thing of the entire show.

I just don´t like love heptagons, man – they´re painful to watch and it´s always about the chase, which is not what love is all about. This mixed with Mari Okada´s ever so lovely sense of melodrama gives us a show that looks stunning, but unfortunately the story and relationships in it just make me want to stab the computer screen with a spork. Somehow, a lot of people liked this show and everytime I ask them why they say “Just because.” then again, I like Princess Princess, so I should just shut up.



Alright, I don´t understand the hype Steins;Gate has – sure it has a decent premise, but what does that  mean opposed to a sub-par and cliché execution? sure, the characters were kind of sort of funny, and it was pretty alright for a slice of life anime – but people don´t praise this to be a slice of light anime, but for a serious, no-shit psychological journey, and I ain´t seeing it.

Fruits Basket


Literally 4 of the 5 anime here revolve around annoying, tweeny-feely love hexagons – I think this says something about both me and also about anime.

Fruits Basket is a series that got ri-di-cu-lous fame way back in `07 or so, I tried getting into it countless times, but I just couldn´t get over how much it annoyed me. It reminds me of Itazura na Kiss, and it´s not just because they´re both dated, borderline sexist shoujo anime about some dunce falling in love with some asshole. I´m not about that life, my romances are the Nana and Paradise Kiss kind.

Vampire Knight


I´m starting to believe I just hang out with the wrong people – because about 95% of my friends, male or female, adore Vampire Knight. In their defense, they watched it when they were 11-12, so I guess Vampire Knight is to them what Code Geass is to me. That doesn´t stop me from disliking this show though.

The manga is pretty good, the anime? ah… shoujo of this time really was crap.

Your Lie In April


People always get really weird around me whenever Shigatsu is mentioned – again, I think I just hang out with the wrong people. This show gets an A for trying, but I still sighed 30 times per episode, until I eventually dropped it halfway through. Hypocritical? hardly, I don´t think a show needs more than half its run time to get good.

I mean, what if pixie girl were a guy and he were the one hitting the girl every few minutes? it ain´t very cute now, huh? that and the overwhelming level of superficial this show threw me off the train very quickly. I tried, oh God did I try, but as I´ve said, if I wanted some musical romantic and dramatic goodness I´d rather watch Nana, which is truly the best romance anime I´ve ever seen.


Conclusion: I have a problem with 70% of anime romances.


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