5 Anime That Should Have Been Great (But Failed Miserably)


I think the absolutely biggest flaw of anime is that it´s anime. Sounds pretentious? It might be, I´m stressing over finals, give me a break. But hey, don´t stop reading yet, I have a pretty good point – because anime is anime it´s expected to do some anime things – wheter it´s generic archetypes, fanservice or slowing down the plot for the audience are things we´re all used to by now, but that doesn´t stop you from wanting to pull your hairs out whenever a series does something right, but not completely right, it just doesn´t fill the cup of it´s own potential, and while it might not be a bad show per sé, you´re still salty over what it could have been and what actually ended up being.

One way or another, I´m 100% ready for the inevitable shitstorm coming my way after this post.

5. Gantz


How many people remember Gantz? If you don´t and you love the likes of Mirai Nikki and Deadman Wonderland, shame on you, because Gantz is basically the top daddy of this decades rampant storm of edgy anime aimed at tweens thinking they´re emo.

I remember my primary P.E teacher recommending this series to a friend of mine. We were 10. Regardless of that, I never include this show in the Akame Ga Kill – Mirai Nikki – Deadman Wonderland triple shonen threat because at least Gantz had some literal balls when it comes to shock factor – screw em´ gay kisses and bipolar pretty girls, this show has homeless people getting run over by trains and a dog fucking a busty woman.

This show is hilarious, as hilarious as Mirai Nikki but with more tits and blood – could it have been better? Infinitely yes.

4. K


K is like an Instagram filter – and I´m not saying that just because it has a literal filter put over the entire animation, but because of its content. It looks prettier than it is – it´s shallow and, in the end, the actual photo is a boring mess made interesting with some effects.

This show had so much going for it – good animation, a big cast, great artstyle and a funky story, it could´ve aspired to be the next Durarara!!, but ended up being a dry, empty crumpet with nothing to dip it in. I can´t remember jack from the show itself, but with a second season in the works I hope the years taught this team how to actually move the train rather than leave it in one place and dissapoint the people inside it.

3. Fate/Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works (2015)


I fear the response to this one, but honestly guys, Unlimited Blade Works is so, so friggin´ boring to me. I love Fate/Zero, but Unlimited Blade Works takes all the things I loved from that show and replaces it with generic How To Anime 101 trash – highschool characters, dumb love triangles, edgy motives, tsunderes, the wet sock of a protagonist. Literally the only reason I´m still watching this is because of the gorgeous fight scenes.

So while Fate/Zero had the kind of characters we don´t usually see in anime, Unlimited Blade Works goes the other way – it´s a shame.

2. Puella Magi Madoka Magica


Madoka Magica is, by all standards, a pretty badass anime – but this isn´t a list of bad anime, this is a list of anime that could´ve been so much better: Y´see, anime has the tendency to be anime, and with that, the drama of this show felt plastic. I couldn´t connect, I couldn´t relate, all I could do was sit in awe over the pretty artstyle and the marathon the anime because damn it, it´s a show you just have to finish.

So what could they have done better? not make it so anime. Give it a little more feeling, more humanity, less archytypes. But then again, this is SHAFT, the most anime-y studio of all.

1. Tokyo Ghoul 2


I don´t think I´ve ever been this salty over a work fiction since, well, ever. I have absolutely no problems with the first season – In fact, I liked it quite a bit, especially the final episode which got my creative senses tingling, wheter it was the artstyle, the narrative, the classiness it was infected with or all of the above, the twelfth episode had me singing in anticipation for the second season, which I expected us to be taken on a psychological trip, discovering the mind of our main character.

Just imagine, a show about how a person changes from a sane, normal kid to a monstruous sociopath, great, right?

Well, fuck that, because Pierrot and the actual original author got this show and screwed it up royally. I don´t actively dislike any of the shows on this list, but damn it, I really hate Tokyo Ghoul season 2.

Everything was so umbearable and messy, the focus was on everyone but our actually interesting main character, who slowly but steadily got forced to play the role of the tragic pretty boy who sadly stares into the camera once per episode.

Tokyo Ghoul season 2 is terrible, with absolutely no merit apart from a bangin´ soundtrack and decent animation. It´s annoying, overly angsty and clearly made for tweens whos Facebook username goes something like “Angie Kaneki-sama.” really, fuck this show.



P.S: Sorry, I´m on finals and can´ think straight.


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  1. I feel the same for F/SN UBW but when I compare it with the first one which is my favorite still even after 2 newer F/SN & it’s still my favorite, the 2 newer one might have much better animation & battles but the first one is by far the best for me.

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