It’s 2017 And This Blog Is Deader Than Ever.

Except we’re pulling a Code Geass, and a 2017 resurrection is in process.

I’ll be honest with all of you. Anime Nichijou, in it’s prime time back in 2015 hit around 5k views a day, even if we didn’t post anything. In total we got about half a million views, and the year after that, in 2016, we barely got a 100k.

I wasn’t posting, and everything I did post was written half-heartedly and basically out of a sense of obligation so not to see the view count crash even harder. It did crash – hard – eventually. And even when I came back for a little while and the views were going up again, I stopped for a second time.

I was finishing my senior year in highschool and then I fell into a bad dip where I wasn’t motivated to do anything at all. Much less talk about the anime I wasn’t watching, much less talk about things I wasn’t passionate about.

Even so, I started feeling better. Pumped, even. That was, until the blog literally crashed and I got an angry notice saying that the blog has been suspended, and I was shook. Anime titties aside, I hadn’t done anything on the blog to get me suspended, mostly because I wasn’t doing anything at all.

It ended up being a misunderstanding, but it definitely kicked my ass to get the most out of this blogs potential, because it was doing well for the longest time when I was doing it just to get my anime energy and nerdom out of my system – and now I’ve got a lot of that piled up. Anime energy I mean, you know, stuff I can’t talk with the normies about.

With all of this. 2016 was a bad year, but we’ve flipped the page.

I’m back and planning to stay. I have many ideas in mind for the future of the blog, and a couple of bigger projects on a Word file that will see the light once I kick this page back up to what it was, and more.

With that said, to all the people that were visiting every once in a while to see if there was anything new (stats say it all), I want to thank you for sticking with me. Blogs aren’t the most interactive mediums, but I see you.

All in all. We’re kicking the winter season of and we’re leaving the 2016 year behind – I wonder if you’ve all had a good time, and hope we’ll all grow in the year to come. You know, Soulja Boy got jumped in his own hood and Nicki broke up with Meek, so it’s gotta be a good one.


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