2014 Anime Reflection.


So, 2014, the year that saw the birth of Madhouse´s child MAPPA, the year where yuri and yaoi made a memorable comeback, the year that TRIGGER somehow forced themselves up the animu foodchain and the year where we have seen many good (and not so good) shows about exactly everything you can imagine: Terrorists, cannibals and imoutos, a harem with Greek mythology bishies, a superhero show that goes down as the trippiest anime of the year and the debut of Space Dandy on American television, ah yes, 2014 continues the anime boom of 2013 with zero signs of stopping.


If the incredible increase of Cruchyroll subscriptions doesn´t clench it, I think another good hint is the existence of Space Dandy, 2014 has been a big year for one of the biggest names in anime history, Shinichiro Watanabe is no stranger to the American audience, but who could´ve guessed no more than three years ago that we were ever going to see a fully English dubbed anime air in the West a day before it aired in Japan? Granted, Space Dandy did tank domestically, but nevertheless this split-cour show was a valiant, entertaining and interesting ride from beginning to end all while being a shy love letter to animation lovers worlwide.

In the 2014 Winter season, we also saw the likes of Nisekoi, which you either love or love to hate, Bones´s incredible comeback with the fantastic Noragami, the beginning of the 2014 yuri train in the kiss-heavy Sakura Trick, not one, but two new Nobunaga themed shows that were equally shitty and low-profile all while riding on the wave that shook up the anime community with the, uh, interesting follow-up of Kill la Kill and the amazing Samurai Flamenco.

Personally, I enjoyed both to the fullest, oddly enough both became that much more enjoyable in their second half than the first but, hey.

Apart from the eyebrow-raising suspicioso anime like Saikin, Imouto no Yousu ga Chotto Okashiinda ga which I didn´t watch but was apparently about some girl who needed to fuck her brother or she would die, the infamous Pupa that takes gold for the what the fuck just happened category and my personal favourite, Super Sonico, which is another show that I didn´t watch, but the figurines that showcased a pink-haired cutie in bra with food all over her face while crying said more than enough for me to condone the Winter season for being the second most strangest season of the entire year right next to the Summer season of BL and critically acclaimed animu everywhere.


The Spring season of 2014 was filled with a whole lotta´ nothing. On one hand we got what is apparently the best anime of the entire year, Ping Pong The Animation, which is one show that I haven´t seen yet, but definitely will right after I finish Nodame Cantabile simply because I know that I´m going to love every single second of it.

On the other hand, we also got the questionable Soredemo Sekai wa Utsukushii, which showed us the first ever serious shoujo feautering a shota boy and a girl that could very well be 8 years older than him, hey, no problem at all, unless the kid´s like 10.

Mari Okada continues to be anime´s most overused writer ever as she wrote two disastrous shows this season, Yu Gi Oh with cute moe girls and some terrible looking show called M3 whatever, hey, at least we found ourselves a decent-ish CGI anime in Knights Of Sidonia, but I´m still tsundere of CGI in anime (and so I will stay for the next century, probably) so I haven´t watched it, all I know is that there´s some really cool looking bear in a cooking suit somewhere in space. GG AOTY.

But hey, this season wasn´t all glitter and gore, sure, the incest train continued to choo-choo all over the place in Mahouka, Black Bullet is the offical ambassador of pedophiles-in-the-making everywhere, the Nobunaga bus doesn´t even know where it´s going anymore and we were blessed with some of the trashiest harem shows of the entire year, but, God damnit, this was also the season that saw the birth of Haikyuu a.k.a Kuroko No Basket, volleyball edition, No Game No Life, Mekaku City Actors (DGAF, I liked it) and two shows that I personally enjoyed a lot and I know most of you are gonna disagree with me, Soul Eater Not! (Which I enjoyed more than the actual Soul Eater) and Kamigami No Asobi for giving the third best and most dramatic bromance in 2014. Cheers.


But alas, the Spring slowly comes to a close, school years come to an end and finally, we get our much awaited Summer season that might just be my favourite anime season ever.

First of all we got the much hyped Akame Ga Kill which is responsible for giving my blog the boost of the century while it ended up being just what everyone expected it to be: an edgy show with lots of death that some 13 year olds might find awesome but most of us just find laughable. Hey, if you enjoyed it, cool, I did too once I got over the tone-switches, the undercover harem and the giant mecha piloted by a shota. Apart from this, Hamatora and your seasonal light novel trash there really is nothing I could complain about because damn, we only got four harem or moe shows this season. What?!

Free! Eternal Summer rocked my world once again with one of the most emotional second halfs that I have seen this year. C´mon Kyoani, where´s the movie announcement at?

Meanwhile Love Stage!! shocks anime fans everywhere for being an actual budgeted yaoi anime that doesn´t beat around the bush, isn´t low quality and is not adapted from a Nakamura manga or a Nitro Chiral game, unlike DRAMAtical Murder which sadly got adapted by the recently formed NAZ, I really believe that DRAMAtical Murder could´ve been good (or at least not so terrible) if the studio had more experience, too  bad.

One way or another, I think we can all agree that no one saw the majestical hilarity of Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun coming, apart from being the best selling non-sequel anime of the Summer season, Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun proved that all you need to make a good comedy work is having a likeable cast and a snarky sense of humor, unlike Barakamon, which was both the same and completely different, still, Barakamon was cool.

And so we end up with Aldnoah.Zero which received mixed reception, mainly for Inaho, who is main character that most of us just can´t agree on, personally I think he´s just a husk of plot convenience, but wheter this changes or not will be found out in the Winter season of this year along with the second anime-original season of  Tokyo Ghoul.

Furthermore, my hands down favourite anime of this season (And possibly this year) is no other than yet another Watanabe work, Zankyo No Terror, granted, the introduction of Five and her entire arc kind of felt like a waste of time and potential, but the good of the series (the music, the animation, the ending) seriously outweights the bad.

Also, shout out to Kuroshitsuji: Book Of Circus for making me cry and laugh all in the same episode.

If only all episodes could be like this.

Finally we´ve reached the end of the year in (hopefully) good health. Unfortunately the closing season is really just a mixed bag of popular comebacks, shit no one really cares about, the second coming of anime christ and the biggest collectively dissapointment in recent anime history.

Obviously, I´m talking about Fate Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works when I talk about popular comebacks, honestly, this show is having me incredibly bored and dissapointed. I expected more Fate Zero goodness, but instead I got a corny romcom in disguise. Hopefully it´ll get itself together in the second cour. At least the animation is as godlike as ever.

For the rest, there´s really not a lot to talk about, MAPPA came back with not one but two amazing, underrated series, Shingeki No Bahamut Genesis (the best adventure anime I have had the pleasure of seeing) and Garo (which is getting more and more intense as the episodes go by) meanwhile Shigatsu Wa Kimi Uso and Parasyte take all the attention, along with Unlimited Blade Works. Personally, I really, really don´t like Shigatsu, but I could´t agree more with Parasyte.

Moreover, we got a new season of Psycho Pass, which was absolutely terrible and a total insult to the first season, I´ve had my say in my Worst of 2014 post, so I´ll leave it at that.

Anyway guys, that´s it for this year, now I want to thank you, the reader, for sticking with me for this lovely year, for Anime Nichijou, 2014 meant getting a domain name, a crazy influx of daily visits (hitting the three zeroes on a daily basis) and all in all, a lot of fun. Seriously. Let´s make 2015 a good one.

Since I didn´t have time to upload the final Anime Reflection and some of you might be curious, here are my favourite anime of the year, in no particular order: Zankyo No Terror, Free! Eternal Summer, Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun, No Game No Life, Samurai Flamenco, D-Frag,  Shingeki No Bahamut Genesis, Parasyte.


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