2014 Anime Reflection: The Battle Of The Darkhorses.


Out of all the anime reflections I have written this month, I think that this one was the easiest to come up with. For this list, I´m going to talk about the top three shows that started out as the underdogs of their season, the shows that no one expected anything from, the shows that one could easily look over at the beginning of the season just to miss some of the best content of the entire year. Without further ado, let´s get on with it.


Hands down my favourite anime of the Fall season is Shingeki No Bahamut Genesis, Shingeki No Bahamut is a show that got completely ignored for the dumbest reason ever: because it´s adapted from a card game and, naturally, all card game adaptations are shit.

Look, I don´t care if you don´t like well-animated adventure anime, I don´t care if you only exclusively watch harem animu, I don´t care what your tastes are, all I want is for you to give Shingeki No Bahamut a chance because this show is one in a million.

Why? More often than not – though especially the first part – Shingeki No Bahamut feels like a Hollywood adventure movie, Pirates Of The Carribean meets anime and anime meets Indiana Jones, seriously.

Shingeki No Bahamut owns in almost every department, but it leaves its peers completely behind with its animation and likeable characters, again, Shingeki No Bahamut is one in a million, and I want to thank MAPPA (who only has Zankyo No Terror and Garo on its resume) for creating this wonderful piece of fiction, if you haven´t given in to the hype that it eventually got, I urge you to watch it immediatly.


I understand the people that are put off by Kuroshitsuji, it´s easy to shake this off as fujoshi fodder with a shotacon fetish, it´s easy to disregard this anime thanks to the previous two seasons but, hey, what if I tell you that Kuroshitsuji Book Of Circus is a genuinely good, bittersweet tale that made its audience laugh, cry and doesn´t require 37 episodes of knowledge to understand what is going on?

Listen, if you want to enjoy Kuroshitsuji or Black Butler at its best, I suggest you watch the first arc of the first season and then skip over the rest and watch Book Of Circus, because everything that happens after the Jack The Ripper arc is completly anime original and, in general, pretty damn lackluster in comparison to the bloody amazing manga.

Thankfully, something must´ve hit A1 on their heads as they decided to adapt the circus arc masterfully, Kuroshitsuji Book Of Circus was a surprising personal hit as it really does go past the hot-bishie-butler-slays-other-metrosexual-characters-for-no-engaging-reason, instead, Kuroshitsuji Book Of Circus shows us the morally grey, regardless of being Kuroshitsuji, Book Of Circus is just a damn good bittersweet tale.


Oh man, Samurai Flamenco. This show is nothing short off amazing, it´s so outlandish, strange and so open for interpretation I think almost everyone can find something in this wonderful tale of superheroes and something more.

I don´t even know how to go about describing this show, it captured insanity pretty well. One way or another, do yourself the favour and watch Samurai Flamenco. Sorry for keeping it so short, but it´s almost New Years and I wanted to post it before we all start kissing our loved ones or if you live in Spain, force 12 grapes down your throath in 10 seconds. Anyway, have a happy, safe New Years, let´s make 2015 a good one.


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