2014 Anime Reflection: Most Disappointing Anime Of The Year.


I think that the big difference between this list and the ´Worst Anime of 2014´ list is the fact that for these shows, I had some hope and expectations to begin with. Some of the anime I´m about to mention aren´t neccessarily bad, they´re just incredibly underwhelming in contrast to what I wanted it to be. One way or another, let´s go on with this rant.


If I were Urobuchi, I´d be crying a river and drying my tears with paychecks. Seriously. I like to believe that, in some parallel universe the actual Psycho Pass and this sequel are two completely different things, in this case I might have been able to watch Psycho Pass 2 with a straight face and not laugh every few minutes at how absurd this show really is in comparison to the fantastic first season.

Psycho-Pass 2 which exists with the careful imput of Mardock Scramble´s very own  Tow Ubukata is an overcomplicated simplification of the world of Psycho Pass that could barely be called a sequel, as the events that covered a six-hour run could´ve very well been just another arc (or none at all) from the first season. No, Psycho Pass 2 has zero sense of scale, a shit sense of edgy-ness that could go on par with the likes of Akame Ga Kill and very few, if none at all intelligent scenes or ideas that made the first season work.

I´m not even sure why this exists, is it because of the money? a way of exciting Psycho Pass fans for the upcoming movie? Tow Ubukata got bored and whipped out his writers notebook from the third grade? I don´t know, man, at least the opening song was cool.

109While I could go on forever about the hot mess that was Psycho Pass 2, I think it´s time to talk about something different. For this one, I want you to grab 60 grams of Monogatari, 100 grams  of Vocaloid and a spoon full of Durarara!!!, if you want, you can add LSD and a few grams of cocaine in order to  make more sense of Mekaku City Actors.

Hey, personally, I actually really enjoyed this show, it looks stylish, the characters are likeable and beyond the headtilts and autotuned music, it´s the kind of story that I enjoy (Big cast of misfits + some drama + cool artstyle) the problem here is that about 70% of the anicommunity just didn´t get it, while the other 20% knew that Mekaku City Actors could´ve been so much more if given the time. If you know the story, you´d know that in reality, Mekaku City Actors is a harsh story of love, success, friendship, grief and all other human swibbity-swoo. The problem here is that SHAFT is the cocky nerd sitting next the window that couldn´t give this show the time of day and give it the attention it deserves, they were probably busy animating some Monogatari or something.

One way or another, Mekaku City Actors is my second most dissapointing show of 2014, not because I didn´t like or enjoy it (it was still one of my favourites of its season) but because it could´ve so much more than it turned out to be, it´s a shame.

DRAMAtical Murder showed us moments where it looked good, which makes it all the more dissapointing and somehow funny.


Gosh, this post is turning out heavier than I intended it to be. Anyways, for this last one I´m kind of lying to myself, because really, who was really expecting something good out of yet another Nitro Chiral adaptation? Especially if the ones adaptating it are newbies? especially when they announced that they were taking out most of the yaoi and gore? especially when the game itself is nothing but yaoi and gore (and an incredibly boring common route, in my own, humble skeptical fujoshi opinion)? especially when the only thing the studio at hand has on its resume is Hamatora? especially when they intended to adapt a  30 hour game in 12 sad little episodes? especially when the fabulous characters designs of the game got re-designed to look like Hot Topic mess? especially when the music turned out to sound like something you´d hear in a Vietnames, low-key gaybar?

I think I made my point, I said everything I had to say in my Worst of 2014 anime post anyway.

P.S: I actually got hooked on the opening music.

For the ´honorable´ mentions, I´m gonna have to go with Fate Stay Night Unlimited Bore Works and Ao Haru Ride.

Fate Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works confuses me, the first episode, with Rin as the protagonist, was so much more interesting than everything that came after that. Yes, I´ve seen Fate/Zero and no, I have never played the visual novel (I don´t intend to, either) but fuck me, I wasn´t expecting Unlimited Blade Works to be partially a corny and generic romcom that´s going exactly nowhere and partially an epic tale with gobsmackingly gorgeous looking action scenes.

The thing is, I expected Unlimited Blade Works to be as badass as Fate/Zero, with the adult characters and all, but instead I got a show which forces me to skip some scenes unless I want to die of boredom, shonen monologues and a really fucking annoying main character.

Ao Haru Ride is similar, similar because I liked something of its franchise before watching the show at hand. In this case, it´s the manga. I enjoy the manga of Ao Haru Ride on a monthly basis, but there´s just something about watching this melodrama intensify itself with sound, colour and animation that just rubbed me the wrong way, for some reason, Ao Haru Ride – the anime – feels completely uneccessary, inmature and kind of a pain in the ass whenever some character vomits the same ol´ boring monologue about friendship that we´ve all already heard. God damnit.


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