2014 Anime Reflection: Best Comedy Of The Year.

Untitled-2Wahooo, it has been another weird, heartwarming, good and most of all fun year for us anime fans, huh? From the majestic MAPPA debut and the return of Yuaasa, to the 90´s anime ode that was Space Dandy and the comeback of the lovely (and sometimes weird) yaoi and yuri genre. We´re currently on page 357 of 2014, and (un)fortunately, all good books must end, for some people the yearly reset is an opportunity for bettering their days, for others it´s a tearful goodbye to an emotional chapter, but now I`m babbling. Let´s keep the (un)neccessary drama for New Years, and enjoy the festive season of glitter and snow (or sun and sweat) instead. From today to the 31st, I´ll be posting a 2014 anime reflection that us bloggers just love to do, today we´ll look at the comedy titles of 2014, and what I think takes the crown of laugther.


This entry might be a bit unfair for the other anime on this list, because Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun or Monthly Girl Nozaki-kun seems to be handmade for people like me. A bunch of goodlooking pretty boys and girls? borderline parody? breaks stereotypes every few minutes? has some focus on anime, manga or other geeky things like that? Check.

I´m not even gonna be mysterious about it, if you´ve read my blog before you know that Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun is my favourite comedy anime of the year, on my top 5 of favourite comedy anime of all time and perhaps in my top 10 anime of the year 2014.

Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun is rude and sweet at the same time, you best believe that I read the entire manga in one sitting after the show ended. Really, season 2 when?


So if Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun is quite obviously my favourite comedy anime of 2014, what comes second? Well, since we´re already on the topic of rude anime, have some of D-Frag, which is even crazier and even more outlandish than the previous anime. Why does it get silver and not gold? I don´t know man, Gekkan Shoujo just took me by the collar and forced me into praising it.

D-Frag is a show that I didn´t expect to love as much as I did, every episode – much like Gekkan Shoujo – was a riot and again, I went to manga right after it ended. Certainly, D-Frag is not for everyone, the comed is very, uh, anime, I guess. Regardless, D-Frag is yet another addition to my all time favourite comedy list. P.S: The love triangle scene may or may not be the best scene in 2014.

Now that the two big guns are out of the way, who takes bronze? This was a difficult decision to make, so instead I´ll mention the two anime that were definitely funny, but didn´t have the X-factor that made the two afromentioned shows so damn good.


Indeed, the two shows that I´m doubting about are Barakamon, which aired in the Summer season and Mangaka-san to Assistant-san, which aired in Spring.

Barakamon, on one hand, is a lighthearted, sometimes dramatic spin on the city-dude-has-to-live-in-the-middle-of-nowhere-and-suddenly-he´s-a-better-person plot. Honestly, I didn´t feel it at first, but gradually, I felt charmed and fell in love with the good nature and optimism of this show.

Mangaka-san to Assistant-san on the other hand, is the complete opposite. Meet Yuuki, the perverted mangaka who uses all kinds of perverted situations as inspiration for his ecchi manga while pondering about the real questions of life, like what colour panties are the cutest and if the common otaku prefers them out in the open or hidden in mystery. You know what? I enjoyed the fuck outta this one, it´s strange, because I didn´t think that this crude comedy was for me, with 15 minutes per episode, Mangaka-san to Assistant-san was inmature, funny and eyebrow-raising, yeah, elevator scene, I´m talking about you.

Anyway, these are the five shows that stuck out to me of the year, do you agree? agree to disagree? one way or another, this year beat the crap out of last year, comedy-wise. Thank you for reading, and please, have a lovely, lovely Christmas <3


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