12 Days Of Anime 2014 Day 4: The final quarter of Free! Eternal Summer.

You didn´t actually expect me to make a 12 days of anime without talking about Free, right? right?!

Free! Eternal Summer and I started off on a weird note, whilst the first season (And shortly after, the second season, too) quickly made its way into my top whatever anime of all time, the first half of the sequel felt weird. Too much slice of life, too much irrelevant events after the dramatic clusterfuck that was the first season, one way or another, it just didn´t feel right.

It was around the Nagisa episode and the contest where scouts were watching where I knew things were about to get real, and oh man, did it get real. Basically every episode after the Rin-Haru locker scene (y´know which one I´m talking about) was amazing, and had my jaw on the floor time after time, especially this scene above.

All in all, Free! Eternal Summer proved my preconceptions wrong. I laughed and I cried, I´ll even go out say that I think Free! Eternal Summer has some of the most realistic and most genuine scenes I have seen in any anime ever, especially the Nagisa episode and, later, the whole Haru finding his reason for swimming ordeal. Thank you, Free!, for making my Summer that much better.


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12 Days Of Anime 2014 Day 4: The final quarter of Free! Eternal Summer., 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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