12 Days Of Anime 2014 Day 3: So Bad It´s Good.

71The year 2014 has seen enough anime where the status quo reads ´Who chose to animate this and why?´ but for some reason, we watch it till the end and laugh.

For me personally, I tend to avoid trashy harem or moe kyun-kyun pandering  anime from the get-go, but how (un)surprised I was when Psycho-Pass 2 got a new writer on board who somehow fucked it up to the point that it´s hilarious, and what about the controversial Akame Ga Kill that has gotten me more haters than all my other posts combined? Hey, I don´t hate the show, I just think it´s cute how it´s trying so hard to be a dark, serious tale of justice. Whatever floats your boat, ya know.

And if it isn´t Akame Ga Kill, remember Gokukoku No Brynhildr? That was hilarious, huh?

Nevertheless, I won´t be talking about any of those shows, instead, I´ll take the time to remember and remind you all of the royal mess that was DRAMAtical Murder, especially episode 3, which may or may not go down in history as the funniest looking episode of the entire year.

DRAMAtical Murder had trouble written all over it right from the start, I really think that a BL gore visual novel like this one (Yes, I played the game.) could only ever be adapted properly as a set of explicit OVAs, not as a low-budget 6-hour shonen-ai series.

Having said that, I´m pretty sure DRAMAtical Murder effectively scared away all potential VN-players and suited as a good laughing stock for former fans. DRAMAtical Murder was royal mess of an anime, but god damn, was it funny to watch.


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