10 OVA’s And ONA’s You Should Definitely Watch.

109Normally, an OVA’s purpose is to tease the viewer and make them buy the source material, be it manga, light novel, visual novel, etc. If not that, it’s there because it’s too innapropiate to air on TV, and if not that, it suits as a bonus to the BD or DVD of the TV series.

Of course, there are also perfectly appropiate OVA’s that for one reason or another still decide to be OVA’s rather than a TV series, whichever it is, here is a list of 10 ONA’s and OVA’s you may not know but should still definitely watch!

These are chosen in no particular order:

1. Candy☆Boy


Candy☆Boy is a 7-episode ONA that counts 15 minutes per episode and tells the love story between twin sisters Yukino and Kanade Sakurai. Candy☆Boy is an adorable and gorgeous series that’s somehow strangely satisfying on the yuri, I say strange because there is no actual on-screen kissing or whatever. All in all, Candy☆Boy is definitely worth the marathon.

2. Hori-san to Miyamura-kun: Shingakki

111A show doesn’t need flashy animation or a complicated plot to be both interesting and good. Hori san to Miyamura-kun, despite it’s one-episode run and it’s simple artstyle manages to do alot more than most shows of it’s genre do in 12 to 24 weeks.

Hori-san to Miyamura-kun basically tell the story of a group of friends that aren’t what they look like: From the flashy Hori-san to the shy-but-not-really Miyamura-kun, this 25 minute OVA is an OVA to be cherished!

3. This Boy Caught A Merman & This Boy Can Fight Aliens!

112  The homophobes are bound to have a hard time with this article.

 Kono Danshi tells two separate stories of two different couples, one  about a Merman and a boy who recently lost his grandfather, the  other about a boy who fights aliens and a normal human.

 Kono Danshi is mostly animated by a single woman, the same woman who directed the hot mess that was Meganebu!, I guarantee that Kono Danshi is so, so much better than that.

 Get ready for your heartstrings to get pulled and prepare to go on a feels trip.

4. Vassalord


Oh man, this one is jaw-droppingly gawwjuss. Forreal, it’s pretty damn hard to find an OVA with so much love and care and quality put in it. Still, it’s an OVA and it’s Production I.G, almost flawless animation is bound to happen. Vassalord is adapted from a yaoi manga, but for the people who aren’t into that, the actual OVA doesn’t actually have anything of that and I recommend you watch this one for the animation alone.

5. Detroit Metal City


Going from a show with alot of class, we’re moving on to a show that has complete lack of it. Here is a fun drinking game, take a shot everytime someone says “Fuck!” or “Rape!” and try to not end up with alcohol poisoning by the end of the third episode. Detroit Metal City is one of the most ridiculous anime I have ever seen, it tells the story of a wannabe-pop-star who somehow ends up in a death metal band.


6. Black Lagoon: Roberta’s Blood Trail


Alright, I’m cheating, but I’ll take this chance to tell you that Black Lagoon is awesome and you should definitely watch it if you haven’t watched it already. Cheers.

7. Cat Soup

116 Look, I’m pretty dumb so I don’t understand Cat Soup or anything it stands for. Granted, I watched it when I was exactly 11 years old and my attention span was the appropiate one for that age, but still.

 If you’re into weird AF stylization and a plot or concept that’s sure to make your head hurt, the prententios (or not) Cat Soup is the OVA for you.



Hetalia. Let’s get real, you know it, I know it, we all know it. With a fanbase that matches the Sword Art Online fanboys in obnoxiousness it’s sometimes hard to see the actual merit of this 5-minute 80-something episode short that, in all honesty, is pretty damn funny. I also have a fond memory of my Finnish friend calling me racist for liking the show, whatever I guess.

9. Murder Princess


Going into this OVA, I expected an epic gore-fest massacre with the baddest princess in all of ani-land swingin’ around with a chainsaw all while looking beautiful, I was wrong.

Instead, I got a lighthearted borderline-yuri OVA that feels a bit Disney-esque, if Disney had lesbians. I recommend you watch it either way.

10. Dogs: Bullets & Carnage

119 I know aloooooot of people will disagree with me on this one, but I friggin’ love Dogs:Bullets & Carnage and, for once, it’s actually an OVA that got me interested in it’s source material, it teases us for more while also making us fall in love with the characters.

Guns, sexy and funny, I have always loved this recipe.







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